Quite a few TTs, Crits and Road Races and with l some good results.

MK Bowl Tues 25th Jul BM Crit Race Pat Ellerbeck 19.5 miles 48.56


Newark GP Fri 28th Jul Anastasia Bowler 30th

Report: "The final round of the national circuit series at Newark, and what a fantastic evening. Being gridded at the back again did make my start a bit more difficult  but I settled into a chase group fairly quickly. It was a very narrow course and had lots of corners and cobbles. I was losing the wheel on the back straight on the main pavement but making it up on the corners to the cobbles each lap, which actually meant I wasn't wasting as much energy trying to hang on. I came in 30th, after almost losing the back wheel on the final corner! Another incredible atmosphere created by a town centre crit!"


Inter Club 10 Hosted by SNCC Sat 29th Jul on Abbotsley TT course (11.2 miles) 

1st Sam McDonald 24.01

6th Mark Greenhow 27.41

7th Pat Ellerbeck 27.50

9th Paul Williamson 28.56

11th Stephen Ellerbeck 29.38

15th Geoff Smith 31.27

A great effort from our team members, even with 11 volunteers (and many thanks for volunteering, it allowed the event to take part) we won the event. We won by 4 points so Geoff's 5 points were critical to winning. It just shows it's a team sport. Sam is really on song at the moment, hopefully this will continue into August. Two Ellerbecks cycling, is that a new competition? Mark continues to ride well and Paul had a solid ride on a windy day where the conditions were tough.

Next event, the BRCC 15 on Sept 3rd, starts from 0900, we already have 4 entered, hopefully we can get our riders extending their TT season by a week.


Chronos RT F2A/10 Sat Jul 29th Jui Nic Pillinger 13th 20.25 


Northampton Team Cup Sun Jul 30th Anastasia Bowler 24th of 60

Report - "My legs were pretty wrecked from Friday, but me and my teammate have been doing our best to keep our team as 3rd in the Team Cup series. It was hard and fast from the off, but as a lone rider went off the front the pace slowed down. Unfortunately my hood came loose after hitting a pothole very hard, meaning I wasn't able to pull on the bars going up the climb to the finish. I also annoyingly got boxed behind a slower rider up the hill and rolled in 24/60. Not the result I was after but still collecting valuable series points for the team! My teammate came in 13th which is her best team Cup result so far, so I was still really happy for her performance too."


Rugby Racing Cycling Club TT K11/10T Sun Jul 30th Adam Williams 5th 20.35; Pat Ellerbeck 22nd 22.42; Frances Lammyman 5th woman 24.27 

Report by Pat - "Gusty to say the least, in the money again with a 22.42, won my age group. Course PB for Frances 24.27 and another strong ride from Adam with a 20.35 and 5th overall.