The Time Trialling season is slowly winding down but we still had 2 competing on Sat, well done to Frances on her PB for 10 miles, and Pat doing another crit on Tues. In addition Simon completed another 200K Audax on Sat and has now gone on holiday to recover which is different to Gary Adnitt riding 100 miles to go on holiday. 

Good luck to our cyclists doing the last NDCA event at Sawtry on Saturday. We are expecting to come away with a few prizes from the series.

Adam Williams 15th man 21.23 and Frances Lammyman 4th lady 22.55 (PB) ECCA Terry Anderson Memorial on the E2/10 Sat 12th Aug 23

ECCA affiliated handicap Frances came 3rd overall (5 seconds off 3rd place for the overall women's prize), Adam got a medal for coming 6th man.

Frances Report:-

137 riders on the start list and almost 20 women.

I wanted a second chance on this course after my rather average attempt in the rain a few weeks ago. There were several things I targeted going into this race, most of which were in my control.

Firstly, choosing the right gear and being properly clipped in is vital for a good push off at the start. Secondly, being familiar with the route helps A LOT. Knowing exactly where the slip roads are and how many exits on the roundabout- two things I knew I could be sure of this time.

Thirdly, pacing is key in getting a PB. Last time I was quite conservative where there were cross-headwind gusts, and had too much energy for the second half.

Today was even windier than last time (35kph Vs 29kph respectively) so I had to get the pacing right. I gave it everything from the get go as I knew I could recover slightly with the tailwind on the second half. I focused on pushing through any cross wind wobbles so my pace didn't waver.

I remember counting down the kilometres until the roundabout at half way as if it was the end of the race. I wouldn't have been able to sustain that effort level for much longer, but I knew it made sense.

I smoothly exited the roundabout with no hiccups. Onto the second half. The tailwind was so strong I was spinning out whenever the road was flat or slightly downhill. It was harder to pace than I thought, but I tried to maintain a high speed as the road undulated slightly.

By the last 2km I felt sick. I had hairspray in my hair (to get a sleek bun!) which I sweated out and it was dripping down my face, yuck! I pushed hard to the finish, with a huge smile on my face once I saw my time.

Not just a course PB (by 1m 45s), but an all time 10 mile PB by 5 seconds. I set my previous PB on a faster course on a good day last year. I hadn't come close to that time all year. Huge surprise!

It couldn't have gone much better for me!


Pat Ellerbeck BM Criterium MK Bowl Tues 15th Aug

Pat's Report:-

After about 5 laps I got a rear wheel puncture, went back to the car to change the tyre and rejoin, ran my fingers round the tyre to check for thorns and cut two fingers on a piece of glass fragment, which had pierced the tyre. Some kids had thrown bottles onto the circuit, it had been swept but this was a very small fragment by the time the bleeding had stopped the race was over. This Saturday Northants 10 TT at Sawtry and Sunday BM stallard race in Surrey.