Latest Racing Results...

Anastasia Bowler MK Bowl Cyclo Cross Race Weds 16th Aug Crashed out after 3.7 miles


NDCA Race 8 or 8 - N1/10 10 miles Sat 19th Aug

Sam McDonald 20.36 3rd; Pat Ellerbeck 24.19 23rd (2nd Road Bike); Dawn Donaldson 28.26 44th (5th Lady); Norman King 31.06 49th

Report by Norman King, so only my 6th TT of the season, I had ridden the last NDCA event and found it very friendly and decided to ride this one. This is on the St Ives CC course but I'd never ridden it. I drove to the HQ (I did consider cycling up) and had a good warm up and was feeling good. A good field and I met the others from the club (congratulated Sam on this brilliant ride on Thurs at Abbo). Got to the start, knew there would be a tailwind for the first 5 miles. I was going well and almost got to 20mph at the half-way point and I passed my "minute man"! The return was tougher but I didn't lose much speed, in fact I still felt strong. Got to the last mile and even managed a sprint. Pat rolled past just after the start and even paid me a compliment that I was too fast to catch! Good fun, the NDCA series is a fun series, try it next year.

A number of SNCC cyclists won prizes over the overall series and we will endeavour to report on these next week.


Adam Hutchinson VC Baracchi 50 mile TT B50/17 Sun 20th Aug 1.50.49 2nd

On Sunday 20th August, I took part in my first 50 mile TT on the B50/17 in Suffolk. Conditions were a straight head/tail wind, so my plan was to push on each return leg (into the wind) then get as tucked as possible on each outward leg (with the wind). The race started well. I banked plenty of speed, averaging 45kph to the first turn and catching my minute man shortly afterwards. But then I had a problem. On a bump in the road, my one water bottle fell out of its cage, leaving me without water and a quarter of the carbs I had intended to drink for the remaining hour and 35 mins of the race, hardly an ideal scenario. Thankfully I was able to retrieve the now empty bottle on the next lap, although doing so cost me 20 seconds. From there, I tried to execute my plan as best as I could, taking a gel every half hour and pushing on as much as I could into the headwind. I really felt the effects of the lack of water and energy in the last lap and a half, but I kept pushing on and eventually finished with a time of 1 hour 50 minutes and 49 seconds and looking forward to doing more 50 mile TTs in the future.


Pat Ellerbeck BM Stallard Race Surrey Sun 20th Aug Retired after 3 laps