Couple of TTs (but 4 PBs) and the Inter Club Hill Climb this weekend.

Finsbury Park Cambourne F2A/25 Sat 30th Sept Adam Williams 11th 50.21 (PB); Paul WIlliamson 47th 54.59 (PB); Frances Lammyman 5th Female 57.41 (PB); Norman King 100th 73.27 (PB)


ECCA Circuit Champs Newmarket E33/25 Sun 1st Oct Dawn Donaldson 4th Female 74.49


RTTC National Road Bike Championship Chippenham U604 Sun 1st Oct 18.5 miles Pat Ellerbeck 63rd 48.26

Race Report - Pat Ellerbeck 25th TT (not counting club TT) and final TT of the season and 2nd age group national title I've competed in this season, so a successful conclusion, the course itself a rolling 18 miles with a couple of tough climbs and a long leg into a headwind, finished 63rd out of 180 and my time of 48:26 was a couple of mins clear of the next in my age group looking forward to next year and the 70 + age group.


Inter Club Hill Climb Sharpenhoe Clappers Sun 1st Oct Norman King 17th 5.18