Cold, Wet & Miserable – Enter the Brave! …

9C, SE-14mph

We had 3 entries on our first race of the season, around the Abbotsley 11.2m course. Adam Williams was fastest with impressive time of 25:56 …

… Jim Robertson and Simon Winter made up the Podium and the other two brave souls.

No PB’s, No Guests and No First time Riders…. No surprise.


As always, these events can only go ahead with help and assistance on the night, to enable us all to ride/race.  Special thanks to goes to:

  • Mandy McEvoy (Registration, timekeeping, delicious cakes and coffee)
  • Florence Lendrum (Registration & timekeeping)
  • Simon Richardson (Event Approvals)


Hopefully we will have some ‘May weather’ next week and more riders!

BR The Editor.



TT Additional reminders… to help the timekeepers Please.

  • All riders to start their timing devices, before they get the 30s warning to start (Most do)
  • All riders to shout out their race number when crossing the finishing line (Most do)

TT Housekeeping reminders…

  • remember a working Rear AND Front light – CTT requirement.
  • try not to ride past the start when other riders are starting.
  • be aware of cars and other riders after you finish.
  • Timekeepers need to be able to concentrate on giving every rider the correct time, please do not try to see your time until everyone has finished.
  • Paying in advance is very helpful for the organisers. Pay for 6 rides (£4 for member, £5 for guest) to 404010 and 80724513 and credit will be carried over for any unused rides.


TIME 6.15 pm Latest Sign-on

Event Calendar from here



TT#1 Race Results


# Rider Time  LT-PB
1 Adam Williams 25:56 25:14
2 Jim Robertson 33:31 29:12
3 Simon Winter 38:48 31:57




TT#1 Handicap Points

The Handicap Trophy points are awarded for the number of riders on the night less Guests and First Time Members. So tonight 9 riders and 7 points on offer. A Handicap Time of 25 minutes or less means that you have either matched your PB or improved on it. A Handicap Time greater than 25 minutes shows how much you are off your PB.

Congratulations to Adam Williams for taking the maximum points on offer tonight.


See full results H/C table here


      Lifetime Actual    H/Cap H/Cap
# <25 Rider PB Time H/cap  Time Points
1 Adam Williams 25:14 25:56 0:14 25:42 3
2   Simon Winter 31:57 38:48 6:57 31:51 2
3   Jim Robertson 29:12 33:31 4:12 37:43 1
    * H/C is plus as sub 25 mins