Official CTT/Racing Updates ... 16.06.2020

Please see below the latest statement from CTT regarding the coronavirus and your events.

Can all members who would participate in any potential SNCC Abbotsley TT's from mid July 2020 onwards please email the club so we can gauge interest?


We know a season without TT racing is frustrating many members, here is an update on what is happening in the wider TT community:

CTT continue with the twice weekly events using , the free virtual platform which we're told has had our very own Abbotsley course uploaded onto it, as well as 'lesser' courses such as V718, E2 etc etc. The CTT event links will be posted on the CTT Facebook and Strava pages when created each week, some please look at the relevant pages if interested.

Some members of HNCC, IRC & CCA are doing the British Cycling Series TT Events on Zwift on Thursday evenings and keeping score for a bit of inter-club fun. If anyone is interested (and you'll need to do your own zwift sign-ups) let them know and they'll make sure you're added to the 'start list'.

We await an update on when real racing might be able to begin again and will obviously let you know as soon as we hear anything, there are discussions at CTT of starting TT's in July 2020, but only if current restrictions are lifted. We are monitoring this closely and will update you when we know more.