Annual Dunwich Dynamo Ride - June/July


We aim to put together a group of riders to participate in the legendary 120 mile nocturnal ride from London to Dunwich.

This event is famously “not” put on by the Southwalk Cycling Club and somehow escapes any organisational red tape that other events attract, they argue it's more of a cultural gathering than event.

There is no mass start and no entry fee, although a route map will cost you £1. Riders congregate at London Fields, Hackney where there is, what can only be described as a carnival atmosphere and sort of slipping off of riders at 8pm, there is no rush though, some leave when they fancy it, which is quite bizarre to others.

The main challenge is to leave London in the evening and get to Dunwich to see the sunrise over the sea, which is very special to those that have done it. Not everyone is fussed if they get to see the sunrise from Dunwich though, they simply want to ride through the night in one piece and enjoy all the experiences it brings.

This is a very special ride that is not to be missed, anyone that has ridden it before will only every recommend it, do it!


Club Committee