Coronavirus - Riding Information & Guidance

Updated 16.04.21...


Important: Rule of 6 - Please Read

Some members have naturally questioned why we ride in groups of up to six, this is to be expected and clear reasons have been given when questions put to the committee. However, it has been reported to the committee that a minority of members have encouraged others to ride in more than six. Riding in more than six is not permitted on any SNCC club activity until advised otherwise.

Here is why:

1) The government have never said we can ride in more that six, it was first mentioned in a British Cycling email, which was ambiguous and without detail.

2) To gain the full details of the British Cycling advice, two SNCC committee members attended a British Cycling Zoom meeting for the full brief on what clubs can and cannot do.

3) The BC limit of fifteen is to provide a pathway for racing and other events and is predicated on the caveats that BC-affiliated clubs demonstrate best practice including a test & trace mechanism, risk assessments and full traceability to all participants.

4) Although group sizes up to fifteen are permitted for the activity itself, for us they are not permitted at the start, whilst dealing with mechanicals or at the end of a ride, when the rule of six applies. So whilst in theory you can ride in more that six you cannot start or stop in more than six as you then break the over-riding government rule of six.

5) None of us have ridden together for quite a while and a maximum of six is safer whilst we regain our skills and confidence.

6) Riding in a maximum of six is in line with the discussions that we had at, and after, the AGM, where it was widely agreed that smaller groups provide a better ride experience for participants with a lower risk of the group fragmenting.

7) Public perception is that the rule of six applies to them and should apply to us too.

8) Whilst BC say we can ride in groups of up to fifteen, all the clubs at the BC attended meeting said they would be riding to a maximum of six, largely due to points three and seven above.

So, in summary we have decided to resume where we left off, riding in six and defaulting to the SNCC riding in six guidelines circulated each week that have suited us well over the past year and have minimised risk.

The committee has strived to ride a fine line over the past year in offering riding options in a safe and legal environment, your best interests and the clubs reputation are the committee's priority.

Please do not attempt to coerce members to ride in more than six. Committee members are on hand if you would like to discuss this further. 


In line with the Government roadmap, organised outdoor sports events are permitted from Monday 29 March and the Club plans to resume group activities. For everyone's benefit and safety, we ask you to adhere to the following ride protocols...


Sunday Club Runs

1) Always follow the latest Government guidelines.

2) When selecting your group, be honest with yourself and your current level of fitness.  

3) Remember that Sunday Club runs are social rides and NOT training: be considerate to your fellow riders, other road users and the general public.  

4) Only ride in groups of six or less.  Once in a group, do not switch groups.  

5) During the ride, exercise standard group riding protocol (2 abreast in a compact formation), but give yourself and your co-riders a little more space than usual as group riding skills may be rusty.

6) The group size limitation also applies to pre- and post-ride gatherings.  As such, we will meet in three different areas of the Market Square: a) Long Route - Outside Nero's b) Medium Route - Opposite The Dog's Trust Shop (no comments please) c) Short Route - Opposite Betty Bumbles

7) No spitting when group riding, if you feel the need to spit please go to the back of the group.

8) Do not attend club events if you feel ill in ANY way, or if anyone if your household has any symptoms linked to COVID-19. 

9) If you or anyone you have been in close contact with develops COVID-19 symptoms within fourteen days of the ride PLEASE contact St Neots CC ASAP (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

10) Last but not least - Enjoy



The latest information from the Government and advice from British Cycling are available on the following links:

Government Guidelines

British Cycling Advice

Please familiarise yourself with the latest information/advice before riding out.


Club Committee