Sunday 23 April 2017 sees the fourth edition of our very own Spring Classic, The Hell of St Neots.


To mark the victory of SNCC member (and previous HoSN rider) Jake Hennessy at this years U23 Gent Wevelgam, we have also included several 'Plugstreets' (semi-made farm tracks) in this years route -

This year's HoSN route takes us southwards into both Beds & Herts, with navigational assistance (and possibly also construction & surfacing in places) coming from the War Office, Romans and Iron Age Man

What we might not have in terms of climbing we will more than make up for with mixed surfaces showcasing every kind of gravel imaginable, almost certain headwinds as we pass through open farmland and crossing an active runway; so usual caveats about taking care and looking where you're going apply!

The route has been ridden this week on 23mm tyres, so although I wouldn't necessarily recommend a TT bike or your fanciest carbon wheels (keep those for #Abbo the following week!), any bike should be more than capable of getting you around the route as the normal hazard of mud clogging road brakes, forks & rear stays should not be an issue this time.

Look forward to seeing you all there for a 8.30 start from the Square on Sunday