Updated 31.03.2020

We have recently made the following changes to the routes part of the web site providing more mobile friendly display and with new menu structures for both Garmin and RWGPS as follows:


Standard Club Routes…

SNCC have had a variety of club routes that have been tried and tested over the years, offering Long, Medium & Short social rides for the weekend activity.

Download Garmin from here

Download RWGPS from here


Modified Routes…

Should a route be modified for any reason then this will be shown in the modified date column and alteration of the route code ie M28-58-S was modified recently so shows as M28A-58-S, please watch out for any such changes going forward to make sure you load/use the correct and most up to date route.


New Reversed Routes…

We have recently reversed all the standard routes, to give the club more choice, but please note that these rides are currently untested and all riders (especially those leading) should be aware of that and on the look at all times for any mistakes ie one way streets, invalid turns etc. Should you come across these please report any findings back to the club, so we can update/improve these going forward.

If any member wants to ride & test these routes, please let us know on completion once tested ok or improvements/changes are required.

Download Garmin from here

Download RWGPS from here


Event Routes…

These are annual or special occasion routes both in Garmin and RWGSP.

Download Garmin & RWGPS from here


Original Routes…

This is the original page for all previous standard club routes, for back-up purposes only while we transition to the new menus and will be eventually be removed from the site.