Sunday 23 April 2017 sees the fourth edition of our very own Spring Classic, The Hell of St Neots.

St Neots Cycling club will be holding an Introductory ride this coming Saturday (1st April) leaving from the One Leisure Fitness Centre St Neots.

Whilst I'm not going to turn this into an Oscar winning speech I would like to thank all those who were involved in ensuring our first Reliability Ride was the success it was. I would like to especially thank George and his team for their immense efforts and Tom Dunkley for his work on the posters, but there were plenty of others who all chipped in. I think we have raised the profile of the club today.

Club Run and Cafe Run report - 4th December 2016

33 gathered on this fine morning at the Market Square and plenty of winter kit was on display as the all the outer extremities were covered to keep out the cold. A few were even debating taking an early turn for home as they felt under-dressed for the conditions, however the sun kept shining on the groups and as far as we know no one relented and turned for home.

The Sunday morning weather Gods have not been overly kind to us cyclists this year, windsurfers, sailors, kite flyers and wind farm owners have done ok, but not cyclists. Therefore it was with a large amount of finger crossing that we set our club 100 miler for the same day as the RL100, which if you remember from last year was shortened due to the biblical rain. The forecast however predicted good weather with tan line enhancing sunshine and a tail wind home.

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