St Neots Cycling Club has a Sunday club run.  We meet every Sunday morning throughout the year at 8:30am in St Neots Market Square just outside Nero's. Details of the various club run distances and arrangements can be found here.

All routes are usually planned in advance.  We ask riders to arrange themselves in groups of no more than ten riders of roughly similar ability and send the faster groups off first so that anyone who is dropped can fall back to a slower group behind. We encourage riders to make themselves familiar with the routes so that you can navigate yourself ome if need be.

The club runs are intended both as training rides and as social rides.

We welcome anyone who would like to join us on one or two club runs to sample our hospitality.  See the FAQs here and our article on club run etiquette here to find out everything you need to know before you come along. If you have never ridden in a group before, we give you advice and help on how to do this safely. Most new road cyclists are amazed at how much easier and faster it is to follow a wheel and get the draft of a rider in front than it is to ride on your own.

In addition to the two longer weekly Club runs, we have introduced a third shorter distance to ridden at steadier pace. This ride for those who have never ridden in a group before or those who feel that the longer Sunday runs might be too far or too fast for them.


modern club run1

A Modern Club Run

Click on the link above to read week by week reports on our club runs.

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