Richard Hancock continues to make gains, as the warmer weather helped several riders improve on season bests and on personal best times. Hancock rode a 25 minute ride, with St Ives strong man Paul Davis being his nearest rival a minute slower.

Third place fell to 15 year old Tom Stead who at his first Abbotsley event posted a 28 minute ride!

Jonathan Pang and Mark Colmer were other notable riders pleased with their times, having improved by minutes. Again many riders will be looking to get to the 30 minute barrier which is the marker for a good ride on this tough course. The Lantern rouge was taken by the David Smith, who still rode a 20mph plus ride!

Notable absentee was Leon Bradford, the most senior actively racing member of the club, to whom all members send wishes for a speedy recovery from a recent operation, and a swift return to racing.

Thanks go also to John Brydson and Brian Morley who continue to officiate at these events as they have done for many years now.

The race this coming week starts at 7:30pm at the Croxton junction about a mile to the east of Abbotsley village with signing on at 7:15pm. The race runs on a course of 11.2 miles on a sporting circuit covering mainly rural roads.

It is good to see new faces at this event. If you are curious to try this form of cycle racing, you can turn up and try one event without being a member of a cycling club.

1.    Richard Hancock    25.34
2.    Paul Davis    26.37
3.    Tom Stead    28.31
4.    Wayne Tunnah`    29.32
5.    David Lindsay    29.50
6.    Steve Blows    30.11
7.    Andrew Kinglake    30.29
8.    Jonathan Pang    30.55
9.    Steve Rodley    31.12
10.    Richard Wales    31.39
11.    Ashley Cooper    31.55
12.    Alistair Henderson    32.18
13.    Mark Colmer    32.32
14.    Steve Pleasance    32.42
15.    Steve Muchmore    32.54
16.    David Smith    33.04

Handicap standings up to 24th May

24th May  Eligible 
Points  TTs
Steve Pleasance 49.50 4
David Lindsay  48.50 5
Jonathan Pang 42.50 5
Wayne Tunnah 38.50 4
Steve Muchmore 35.00 3
Richard Hancock 32.00 3
Mark Colmer  29.00 3
Adrian Taverna 28.00 4
Ashley Cooper 27.00 4
Jane Stapleton 25.00 2
Richard Wales 22.50 2
Steve Blows 21.00 5
Adrian Lewis 18.50 4
Adrian Lancaster  18.00 1
Alistair Henderson 18.00 4
Ruth Stapleton 12.00 1
Adrian Bloxham 11.00 1
Jason Dixon 10.00 1
Steve Rodley  10.00 1
Richard Ostler  6.00 1
Tim Pennell 6.00 1
Leon Bradford  5.00 4
Justin Lomas 5.00 2
David Smith  3.00 2
Andy Kinglake  1.00 1

Congrats to Steve, David and Jonathan - can they keep it up?

a race face

Mark wearing his race face

a david

Lindsay on a mission


a waresley3

THAT bend in Waresley

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