SNCC Central Committee Meeting

22nd January 2018, 7:30 p.m.



Gary Newman (GN)        – Chairman

Ruth Stapleton (RS)        – Deputy Chairman

Alistair Henderson (AH)   – Treasurer

Mike Biggs (MB)             – Secretary




Action Summary



Due Date




Advise an incremental website update plan, with timescales, at the next committee meeting

Feb 2018




Amend membership application form re. GDPR

Mar 2018




Produce club privacy policy

Mar 2018





Promote club reliability ride with Steve W

Feb 2018




Coordinate club affiliations

Mar 2018


In progress


Consider ideas to promote participation in the inter-club TT competition

Mar 2018


Awaiting RO to confirm NCRA date


Confirm 2018 Road Race  teams

Mar 2018


See below


Draft proposal re. Club subsidy on kit for racers

Feb 2018




Confirm dates for SNCC events and who is organising / marshals

Mar 2018


Awaiting RO to confirm NCRA date


Issue membership cards after the end Jan cutoff

Mar 2018




Confirm status of bidons with Gareth / Wayne

Feb 2018




Conduct audit of club equipment

Apr 2018




Book Golf Club for the Awards Dinner and AGM via Steve Blows

Mar 2018




Confirm date / who will organise / pay deposit for Dales trip

Mar 2018



1.     Website

·     RS and James Coulthard have met with Alec with a view to updating the website.

·     The intent is to provide a window onto club activities which is regularly updated and provides a hub for the various social media feeds.

·     The following tasks are planned:

§  Update to latest Joomla server since the current Joomla is no longer supported;

§  Convert to Googlemail server.  This will provide a more supportable platform.  Cost £10-£12 per email address per month;

§  Update content;

§  Add plug-ins (Strava, Facebook, etc);

§  Provide Paypal interface.

·     RS to discuss with James and advise an incremental plan, with timescales, at the next committee meeting (RS)

2.     GDPR

·     The GDPR legislation, which governs the handling of Personal Information (PI), comes into force in May 2018.

·     An initial assessment has been made of the impact to the club, as follows:

§  We need to advise members at the point at which they provide PI (e.g. email address) what we do with the PI and how long we will hold it for.  AW/RS to amend application form (AH/RS)

§  We need a privacy policy (MB)

§  Health information is subject to more stringent regulations.  We ask for blood group and show this on membership cards, so should be no issue

·     Agreed we would take advice from Club members who have knowledge of GDPR compliance.

3.     Forthcoming events

a)     Reliability ride

·     The event is advertised on the website & Facebook, but additional promotion in local bike shops / cycling clubs / etc – RS to coordinate with Steve W (RS)

·     Agreed we would support MAGPAS & 3Pillars

b)     Velodrome

·     Thanks to Jane Wilson for coordinating this event

·     £360 paid for this event

·     16 paid-up members (event full)

c)      Curry Night – 2nd February

·     Typically get 10-15 attendees

·     Suggested that an earlier time might increase numbers?

d)     Weekly club email

·     This is produced as a draft in the club webmail account

·     Agreed that content would be added , as required, by Committee members  by COP Thursday

4.     Club affiliations

·     CTT renewed for 2018 – £30

·     CTT levies for SNCC TT season paid - £816

·     ECA renewed for 2018 - £20

·     NDCA renewed for 2018 - £10

·     BC renewed for 2018 (c £300 incl supplement for sponsors)

·     NCRA status TBC – MB to discuss with RO

·     Central Road Race League (CRRL) affiliation paid - £40

·     MB to coordinate affiliations (MB)

5.     Racing

a)     Proposal from AGM to combine Ashman and inter-club points

·     Rejected by the committee as the Ashman is a historic competition and should be sacrosanct

·     GN to consider other ideas to promote participation in the inter-club TT competition (GN)

b)     Proposed teams for 2018

·     Probably just 1 x men’s team of 4 who will be supported from the pool of riders currently proposing to ride at 3/4 races – Dave H to sponsor

·     GN to confirm (GN)

c)      Race Series

·     There is no summer NCRA series so races of interest are the spring NCRA race and a summer CRRL race

d)     Collation of racing & TT results

·     Chris Green agreed to collate TT results

·     Assumed RO will do the same for road racing

·     Race reports need to be added to the Club website

e)     Sponsors 

·     We have 2 confirmed sponsors for 2018,Dave Hennessey & Martin Taylor (KRB)

·     c£1400 in Club Account as surplus from 2017 SNCC-hosted events has been ring-fenced to support racing events in 2018

f)       Skinsuits

·     Gareth is coordinating a skinsuit order for TT guys and others

g)     Club subsidy on kit for racers

·     RS proposed that members attending 10+ events (Crits, open TTs, road races, Cyclocross) should get a discount on club kit.  RS to draft a proposal (RS)

h)     SNCC events

·     Need to confirm dates and who is organising / marshals – MB to confirm with RO (MB)

6.     Recurring club business

a)     Membership / membership cards

·     95 members at 22/01/18, which is down on 2017

·     74 members from 2017 still to renew

·     Membership cards will be issued after the end Jan cutoff (MB)

b)     Club kit order

·     Stock will be around £3k

·     Socks due this week – RS to pass to Gareth to handle as pler other club kit

·     Bidons – GN to confirm status with Gareth / Wayne (GN)

c)      Whereabouts of club equipment: flags / TT stuff / numbers / tea urns etc

·     MB to conduct audit (MB)

7.     Committee

a)     Frequency / timetable / venue for future committee meetings

·     Agreed that the committee will meet monthly on the 3rd Monday of each month

·     Full committee quarterly (Mar, Jun, Sep), primary committee in other months

b)     Training for new committee members (e.g. use of club email a/c)

·     RS now has website Admin rights

·     AH to send guidelines on use of club emails to MB & RS – done

c)      Contact details

·     AH advised that contact details (email address & phone number) are available via the club webmail facility

8.     Future Events (ideally to be booked now and the Club informed)

a)     Sportive (07/10/18)

·     BC registration paid (£50) in October 2017

·     MB agreed to run this, with assistance from the usual suspects

·     Suggested that we re-use existing routes

·     Questioned whether the 30-mile route is worthwhile

·     Numbers were down in 2017, mainly due to poor weather.  The event needs to be publicised well in advance

·     RS suggested that organisational details are stored centrally (cloud, etc) for the benefit of future years

b)     Awards Dinner (date?)

·     Proposed that a club band provides entertainment in lieu of a disco

·     MB to book at the Golf Club via Steve Blows (MB)

c)      AGM (07/11/18)

·     MB to book the venue (MB)

·     Proposed that nomination slips for committee posts should be circulated with the calling notice

d)     Dales trip 2018 – 18-19/05/18

·     Need to confirm date / who will organise & pay deposit asap (GN)

·     50% Deposit paid – 14 places available

e)     SNCC 100 miler (29/07/18)

f)       TT Season (starts 26/04/18 for 18 weeks)

g)     Ashman Trophy (Sun 15/07/18)

·     80th Anniversary – Think local publicity for SNCC and history of the Club

h)     Hell of St Neots (date?)

·     Ask SR if he is prepared to organise the event

i)       Club TT (11/08/18)

·     Marshals / Police sign off etc

9.     AOB

a)     Website – all events to have a write up (e.g. Sportive and Awards Dinner)

b)     Ideally one email per week covering all / most events (not always possible but the Thursday email should not be seen as solely about routes)

·     Feedback from TT guys: they really like the calendar on the bottom of the Thursday email

c)      Volunteers for events – ask in advance and not at last minute

d)     Change password on Club email account

10. Next Committee Meeting

      The next committee meeting will be held at Alistair’s house on Monday 12/02/18 at 19:30.