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Group size updates following relaxation of COVID restrictions from 17 May

While group sizes were restricted by COVID regulations to a maximum of 6 riders, most riders found that the smaller group size, which was in line with some comments made by members at the last AGM,  was widely well received.  Although groups of up to 30 are now permitted outdoors, the club feels that smaller group sizes generally provide a better ride experience.  For this reason, we will endeavour to organise riders into groups of 6-8 riders for the Sunday Club Runs, although this will also be guided by the number of riders turning up on the day. 

The club riding etiquette guidelines have been updated to reflect this as below.


Club Etiquette Group size - Amended

As groups become larger, the ease of communication within the group is curtailed and the cohesion of the group can reduce.  Accordingly, it is important that the groups do not become so large so as to make communication difficult and / or cause a danger to riders and other road users. For these reasons, a group size of 6-8 riders is considered to be optimal, with a maximum cap of 12 riders.


Club Social Riding Guidelines

1) Always follow the latest Government guidelines.

2) When selecting your group, be honest with yourself and your current level of fitness.  

3) Remember that Sunday Club runs are social rides and NOT training: be considerate to your fellow riders, other road users and the general public.  

4) Once in a group, do not switch groups.  

5) During the ride, exercise standard group riding protocol (2 abreast in a compact formation), but give yourself and your co-riders a little more space than usual as group riding skills may be rusty.

6) The group size limitation also applies to pre- and post-ride gatherings.  As such, we will meet in three different areas of the Market Square:

a) Long Route - Outside Nero's

b) Medium Route - Opposite The Dog's Trust Shop

c) Short Route - Opposite Betty Bumbles

7) No spitting when group riding, if you feel the need to spit please go to the back of the group.

8) Do not attend club events if you feel ill in ANY way, or if anyone if your household has any symptoms linked to COVID-19. 

9) If you or anyone you have been in close contact with develops COVID-19 symptoms within fourteen days of the ride PLEASE contact St Neots CC ASAP (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

10) Last but not least - Enjoy


Government & British Cycling Guidelines

The latest information from the Government and advice from British Cycling are available on the following links:

Government Guidelines

British Cycling Advice

Please familiarise yourself with the latest information/advice before riding out.


Club Committee