Want to organise your own rides and invite other members to join you?.... You now can...

This area can be used by any SNCC club member to advertise a possible ride they are thinking of over the coming days, weeks and months ie any date in the future. It simply allows one member to notify/alert all other members to an up-coming ride event where other members can join up for that ride should they be interested. Therefore, instead of riding alone, each member has the chance to ride with other members at any-time should they wish.

We think it will be useful for new/old members who are looking for others to ride with outside of the main organised club events. We could also apply the same to different categories of bikes/groups in the future (Mountain, e-Bikes, Beginners etc).

Each member can quickly and easily click on the link and instantly see rides offered by other members, add themselves to an advertised ride or create a new ride invitation themselves…. from any device, anytime.

Please note this uses the MS Excel Online, so just download the app for free if you dont have it already, once in use the app will remember all recent activity, so you never have to visit the Web site again to access this, just open the app, see the recent activity list, click on the file to open/view/edit..... Instant/Easy access anytime/anywhere!

Give it a go and we hope you find it useful.

Club Committee


Form from here ...

Members Rides - Invitations & Booking



Form Field Notes…

Date - Enter the date of the proposed ride or event

Time – Enter the start time of the proposed ride or event



  • Enter the distance in miles you are proposing
  • Enter ANY or leave blank if you are more flexible or do not mind


Avr. Speed

  • Enter approx. Avr you intend to ride at
  • Enter ANY or leave blank if you are more flexible or do not mind


Starting Location Preferred

  • Enter your preferred starting location ie St. Neots Market Square


Alternative Location

  • Enter Alternative Location of your choice
  • Enter YES, you will consider other starting locations which then other riders can enter/submit
  • Enter NO, you will not consider other locations for this ride


Submitted By / Rider1

  • Enter your full name, ie Rider 1 which is always the name of the organisor. There is a second free form line with each invitation for any additional information the organisor or riders want to add/share with other riders. ie The organisor may want to provide their email or mobile number so other riders can contact them.


Rider2 to Rider6

  • Enter other riders you have maybe already organise for this ride
  • Leave BLANK so that other members can add themselves to your ride



This page is currently in Beta Trial, any comments/feedback please send to the normal club email.