12 members enjoyed the best weather yet for our annual pilgrimage to the Yorkshire Dales with the one guarantee of an unrelenting procession of hills, with some topping out with gradients in excess of 20%

With my son very selfishly choosing to be born in the middle of July and a wedding to go to I was going to miss this years Dunwich Dynamo (again) and i was looking for my nocturnal cycling fetish to be satisfied.

I had heard of “The Fridays” before but never gone on one of their night time excursions but i could see that there was one coming up that went to Maldon in Essex..hmm….train to london ,cycle to Maldon for brekkie then a cycle to Elsenham for the train home….a plan was starting to form.

The Lee Valley Velodrome

veloEarly on 31 March (Easter Saturday), 16 hardy SNCC members hauled themselves out of bed and headed for the Olympic Velodrome – or “The Pringle” as it is affectionately known.  The 16 consisted of one regular track racer, a few who had done some track taster sessions previously and the majority about to sample the delights of track cycling for the first time.

We know that this is not strictly a cycling exploit, but SNCC member David Spoors' journey round the world, with lots of very adventurous skiing is so amazing that there are no apologies for putting it up on our website.

I always thought there was only one 6:30 on a Sunday! As I dragged myself out of bed I remembered that isn’t the case when Titan are hosting their annual charity bike ride in conjunction with St Neots Cycling Club. Karen, Caroline, George and I were there at 7:30 to make sure everything was set up and ready to go for the first riders to sign on from 8:00. We’d filled the urns, got the soup warmers plugged in (didn’t fuse the building this year) and waited. The first riders to sign on were the Titan Mountain Bikers who decided to go ‘rogue’ and do their own ride to Grafham, round the reservoir and back.

Gary rides the Paris-Roubaix Challenge

“Why, oh why!“ was the only thought that my brain could coherently hold for more than a couple of seconds. I was currently heading towards a place called Hem in phase three of a newly ingrained “four positions on the bike interval session”. Tops, Hoods, Drops and finally the now almost forgotten and increasingly hard to find on modern bars “Corners”. Over the previous 5 hours I had discovered to my eternal delight that when on the tops and through very subtle changes in grip pressure I could rattle my eye balls to the point it was impossible to focus, cause quite painful brain rattle, make my triceps flap (do I really have chicken wings?) or smash all my fingers together concertina style.

1As you may know, last year Staś (Chobrzyński), David (Spoors) and I (Mike Biggs) had a long April weekend in Scotland, as training for the classic LEJOG trip later in the year. We enjoyed both trips so much that we vowed to do something similar as soon as we could. So in April this year, we headed over to Wales to ride from Chester to Carmarthen, about 220 miles, over 3 days (so about a quarter of a LEJOG). This time, we were joined by Dave (Richards), to provide some local muscle (protection from the locals), and Roger (Silk), who kindly offered to be our support driver.

Club member and driving guru Dave Wilson will be riding this year's RL100 for a very worthy cause.

He writes: This summer I am doing the Ride London 100 cycle event in memory of my little nephew William who passed away last year aged 2 from a serious heart condition.

British Cycling report here.

Hennessy wins Gent Wevelgem

With the inclement weather in full swing the explosion of smart turbo trainers and improving software applications have invigorated the whole indoor training experience. The software du jour is Zwift, which adds a gaming aspect to proceedings. SNCC member and Zwift user Dave Lindsay has written an article explaining what's it all about.

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