14th July 2011

This is the first in a series of race reports by Richard Ostler mirrored from his excellent cycling blog here.

St Neots CC was well represented for the inaugural Rockingham Wheelers Circuit Race, held at the Rockingham Speedway Circuit. Tim and I were joined by veteran roadie Justin, for his 2nd race of the season and pro TT’er, but road race virgin, Ade. Can anyone remember the last time St Neots CC was so well represented at a road race?

Heading out to the track for a warm-up my enthusiasm for the event took a pretty sharp knock, as did I, when my front wheel railroaded into a gutter and sent me tumbling to the tarmac. Bloodied with road rash and with some new ventilation ripped into my shorts, I picked myself up only to discover I also had two flat tyres. Justin has a deserved reputation in the club for his mechanical prowess. On club runs he’s fixed broken chains and dodgy gears, and inner tubes are swapped in the blink of an eye. I sulked over to his car and in a few minutes the old tubes were out, one damaged tyre replaced and I was ready to ride.

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