St Neots Cycling Club Newsletter

May 2012

Welcome to our first Newsletter of 2012.

The past 6 to 9 months has seen a great upsurge in the general health of the Club, as we welcome new members on a regular basis, almost filling the Market Square on a Sunday morning for the Club run (well, OK a slight exaggeration). We launched our new website ( and we are looking forward to celebrating our 125 years in St Neots with our Club Sportive on 7th October.

Welcome to the 2nd club newsletter of 2011. The last few months have been busy. We held our first AGM for a number of years, processed a £2,000 kit order for the club, completed a century club run , now running a Group 1 and Group 2 ride,  had a couple of Social evenings and even had some SNCC T-Shirts made.

2012 will be the 125th Anniversary of a cycling club in St Neots. So although there have been a few “gap years” since 1887 there cannot be many places in the UK with such a legacy of cycling. We are lucky enough to have some archive material which is included in the newsletter. Despite rumours to the contrary there are no founder members still riding !!

Welcome to the Club News. We thought that it would be helpful to publish, when appropriate, a newsletter to let all club members know what is and what has been happening with the Club. Feedback and articles for the future are very welcome.

Some of you may not be aware that St Neots Cycling Club is one of the oldest clubs in the country and over the years the membership numbers have been well over 100 members and whilst we are not at these numbers at present the level of support for the club is increasing and this year we have seen a very encouraging increase in the membership and interest.

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