SNCC Club Kit - NoPinz Sept (9th to 16th only) Sale 20%

The Club now has a range of skinsuits available directly from NoPinz, you can order using the club login below.

This is not our new main supplier. Stolen Goat is going to be, and you will be able to start ordering directly from them in the coming weeks. The NoPinz skinsuit design is automatically placed on the other items of clothing they offer and so it is possible to order these from NoPinz. However, the intention is that NoPinz be mainly used for skinsuits.

Updated 08.09.22...



Password: StNEOTS2022!

Scroll down (or select S at top) and find St Neots then enter the password as above.

We have a 20% discount available from 9th Sept to 16th Sept just use the code: winteriscoming


Please send any feedback to the club as required.


Adam Hutchinson / Club Kit Secretary

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.