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The 2013 Annual General Meeting of the club was held on Thursday 7th November 2013 at the White Horse pub in Eaton Socon.  There was an excellent turn-out by club members.  The minutes of the AGM are posted below:

Minutes of:    Annual General Meeting
Held at:         St Neots Golf Club, Crosshall Road, St Neots, PE19 7GE
On:                7 November 2013
At:                 7:30 p.m.

1.   Welcome and introduction

Having established that a quorum was present, the Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming all attendees and introducing the Agenda, which had previously been circulated to members in advance of the meeting.

2.    Chairman’s report.

The Chairman gave his report for the year and a summary of the matters covered is attached to these minutes at Appendix A (The Annual report) and Appendix B (Go Ride).

3.    Treasurer’s report.

The meeting was advised that as a consequence of the continued increase in membership in 2013 and the success of the 2013 Autumn Breeze Sportive, the club’s finances were in a very healthy position and there was currently a surplus of funds. Accordingly, the club is well placed for 2014.

The Treasurer outlined some proposed expenditure in the coming year including the purchase a stock of club kit to alleviate some of the delays experienced by members in getting kit after joining.

In addition, the club will be seeking to invest in equipment for events and races such as signs, tunics for event marshals, etc.

In relation to the continued funding of the Go Ride initiative,  having discussed the merits and purpose of the club’s desire to attain Go Ride accreditation, members agreed that it is a worthwhile scheme, which the club should be engaging with. However, there appeared to be a consensus that greater urgency is required from those responsible for ensuring the club has done all it can do to be eligible for registration as a Go Ride club, especially in a year where the Tour de France will be coming to the UK and, in particular, Cambridgeshire.

In closing, the Treasurer invited members to propose ideas to the incoming committee in relation to how the surplus of funds can best be spent for the benefit of the membership.

4.  Fees 

Membership subscription fees and competition entry fees for 2014 will remain unchanged at the following:
a.    Full Members             £20
b.    Student members        £10
c.    Second claim members    £10 (considered on a case by case basis)
d.    Club Time Trial fees
d.i.    Members            £2 per event
d.ii.    Non-members        £4 per event         

5.    Election of Club Officials for 2014.

The Secretary outlined the election process and thereafter, in turn, having been formally proposed and seconded by existing members, the individuals listed below were elected into the following committee positions:




Richard Ostler


Alistair Henderson


Andy McEvoy

Social Secretary

Tim Pennell


Alec MacAndrew

Press Secretary

Ruth Stapleton

Race Secretary

Wayne Tunnah

Club Members

David Silk


Simon Richardson


Gary Newman


Staś Chobrzynski

Go Ride Secreatary*

Gareth Smith

Welfare Officer*

Andy Holt










*The Secretary advised those present that there are two additional positions which are directly appointed as they require certain qualifications to be able to serve. These appointments will be made by the incoming committee.

6.    Plans for 2014.

The Chairman outlined the matters set out in of Appendix A and there was some general discussion from the floor. More details on individual items will be communicated in due course.

7.    Any other business

a.    Mudguards
A question was raised in relation to the use of mudguards in poor conditions / wet weather. The Chairman advised that the club did not have a policy on the matter and although they are obviously beneficial in some conditions, a member wishing to ride without them fitted would not be refused. A wide range of opinions were expressed on the matter and it was clear that no single solution would be acceptable to all. Accordingly, the situation remains that it will be a matter of individual preference whether to use mudguards. The incoming committee may consider this further, should the need arise.

b.    Microchips for TT events
It was suggested that the club purchase electronic timing chips and related equipment. This seemed to be a popular proposal amongst those present and the incoming committee will consider this further.

c.    Donation to MAGPAS
The Treasurer took the opportunity to remind attendees that the proceeds from the sale of the energy gels / powders from the Sportive had been intended to be donated to MAGPAS but this had not yet happened. Accordingly, the incoming committee will need to arrange for the donation to be made.

8.    There being no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 21.45 hrs.

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