TT Results for 10th May 2018

This was the second SNCC TT of the season and 27 riders enjoyed testing themselves on the 11.2 mile Abbotsley course on a wonderful warm and dry evening.

TT Results for 3rd May 2018  

Following the disappointment of the first TT of the season being cancelled last week this did not deter 29 riders from taking on the challenging 11.2 mile course. Conditions were dry with the wind generally in the rider’s favour but being the first TT of the season it would be interesting to see how the riders would perform on the evening.

NCRA Race 24th Mar 18 – Wellingborogh 

27 ish mile handicap race round the old circuit, this time Simon Murphy, and myself were in the 2nd group, setting off 2 minutes after the 1st group, and 2 minutes before group 3.  This time group 4 was caught, but only at the final turn to the finish, and group 3 was only seen again at the finish line.  This was a fast group, with the race complete in just over an hour, and some suspect 4th Cat's in the group.

NCRA Race 10th Mar 18 – 45RC

27ish mile handicap race round the old circuit, Ollie Hennessy, Simon Elkington and myself set off in the 1st group,  two minutes before group two, and due to some exceptional work by Simon Elkington, who proved very much a team player we didn't see group two until the finish line.

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