The cyclocross season is underway and we are up to round 3 already. But that doesn't mean its to late for you to give it a go, quite the opposite in fact

You don't need to affiliate to the league to ride, you don't even need a cross bike, a MTB is just fine. You can find al the events on BC. We are well placed for both the Eastern and Central leagues.

At Eastern you are likely to find Simon and Vincent racing and at Central Dan. Jamie and Ruth are doing a bit of both.

If you aren't familure with the format cross is for time not distance you complete as many laps as you can in the allotted time which for most of us is 40 minutes unless you are blessed enough to be a senior male in which case its 1 hour. There will be obstacles which could be hurdles, steps, ditches or all of the above, and you will have to get off and run. Its great fun, really good for your bike handling skills and a threshold workout! As you can see from the pictures they've even managed some mud to break up the dry conditions.