Richard Hancock continues to make gains, as the warmer weather helped several riders improve on season bests and on personal best times. Hancock rode a 25 minute ride, with St Ives strong man Paul Davis being his nearest rival a minute slower.

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Here is the second gallery of TT photos:

Gallery 1

Here are some photos from the 24th May Club TT.  A wonderful warm late spring day. We are publishing the photos in two galleries.  There will also be more with the race report and race timings which will be on the website soon.

Better weather saw some significant improvements and personal bests, and with the weather forecast for the following week being much warmer, the times are likely to be improved upon once more. Again we had an excellent turnout.

Another full field for the Abbotsley Time trial this week in spite of continuing poor weather, although this week saw a slight rise in temperature.

A night very much like the previous week in which the wind had swung round to the north relieving the pain for the ride into Gamlingay on the circuit. Yet once again it was down to Richard Hancock who seemed again to ride with super strength and post a time very nearly the same as the previous week.

A cold evening with gusty winds in excess of 20 mph coming in from the South West made the race very hard with the road into Gamlingay being tortuous. This was reflected in nearly all the times with most riders failing to break the 30 minute barrier. 

Here are some photos from the first club TT of the season.  A brilliant turnout of 16 riders in very windy but dry conditions. The run down from Waresley was very fast. A report with times etc will follow shortly.

The St Neots Cycling Club 2012 series of time trials starts on 26th April 2012 and you can find reports on each week's time trial results here.

Most of these reports will also be published in the St Neots Town Crier

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