We ran nine of our ten scheduled events to which reaction from riders was invariably very favourable. On behalf of the Association I would like to thank all the organisers and their helpers. A special thankyou must go to Simon Richardson and his team from St Neots CC for organising their first event for us – learning the ropes of organising an N&DCA event is not without its peculiarities!

As far as I can gather from time trialling nationally we were quite fortunate in only having to cancel one event. I’d like to thank Simon Frost for the hard work he put in, only to have to cancel his event at the last minute because of roadworks.

Roadworks also militated against the smooth running of three more events but our organisers, as expected, triumphed over adversity. We had to make last minute course changes to the Naseby and Brogborough courses and the Stilton event had to be moved from June to September.

We broke new ground with having our first closed circuit event at Rockingham Raceway. This was a great success but circumstances have conspired against Steve Robinson repeating the event in 2019 – the Raceway isn’t available and there is no realistic alternative closed circuit venue.

This year again there were problems in the transfer of race details between organisers and webmaster. Thanks to the ever patient Jonathan Evans for slogging on and sorting it all out.

For 2019 there will only be 8 events but we will be using one new course based at Tilbrook, near Kimbolton, mainly on ‘super rural’ and, we hope, very quiet roads.

Finally I would like to thank the indefatigable Richard Daniells for the massive support that he has given to me as racing secretary, to all the organisers and, of course, although they probably don’t realise it, to all of the riders.

Dave Birch 09.12.18