Having spent most of the year with the single aim of winning an UCI jersey it was a bit of an anti climax as having assessed all the opposition I had 2 people to beat,

neither of whom made the starting ramp ,though the margin of my victory was pleasing. I also competed in the 65-70 age group race on Sunday hoping to medal in that as well ,was leading with 200 meters to go and got out sprinted by all the drafters who'd been drafting me for the previous 5 miles ,could have done a quicker time if there'd been anyone else willing to do their share of the pacing,managed to qualify for the world championships though.

All in all a good weekend my one reservation would be the bike show itself ,much fewer stands than last year ,poorer quality PA and event coverage and photos ,finishing 3rd  last year was a much more satisfying experience ,it appears that nearly 20% of competitors in the chrono didn't turn up .

The next decision to make is Poznam in which events,the worlds next year is Canada so that might be the event to save up for. The bottom line is I've been very fortunate as both you and I know there are faster riders than me in my age group ,but saying that you can only beat those who enter 

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