Diss CC Women's Road Race Cat 1, 2, 3 and 4

The route was changed at the last minute due to roadworks and we found ourselves on a flattish triangle with two descents and two uphill drags. It all seemed straightforward until lap 2 when the rain became torrential.

St Neots TT results for 27th July 2017

We were missing a few of the regular riders this evening despite the conditions being reasonable for the 14th TT of the season. Only 17 riders to take on the 11.2 mile SNCC TT course and whilst the rain threatened for a while it passed over allowing the riders to enjoy the course in dry conditions.

TT Results for 6th July , 13th July and 20th July

Below is a summary and catch up of the results for the past 3 weeks including an updated Handicap Table.

There have been some notable rides during this period. Nic Pillinger went sub 25 minutes for the first time and then improved on that time. Hugh Walton is in excellent form with 3 consecutive PBs and Craig MacDonald is not far behind with two consecutive PBs.

16th July 2017

Sunday saw the third event in the local interclub competition, a 25 mile event hosted by Ashwell CC and held over two lap and a bit laps of the testing Guilden Morden course.

With St Neots sitting third in the table and Beds Road CC in our sights we hoped to take advantage of any slip ups . Conditions suggested a helpful tailwind on the outward leg leading to the inevitable headwind on the return and it proved right, though the hedgerows offered some shelter.

Cowley Road Condors Womens Road Race (cat 2/3/4)

9th July 2017, Woodstock-Tackley course

This is a rolling 11km course with 2 short, sharp climbs and a couple of fast descents. It got feisty early on, which kept the commissaire busy because race-cars had to be repeatedly re-positioned in the convoy, often on single track, twisting road.

I started pretty well, keeping comfortably in the front half through the neutralised section and into the race. Towards the end of lap 1 the mood in the bunch changed, which seemed early for a serious attack, but I moved up anyway, knowing there were some very strong 2nd cats onboard.

Time Trial results for 6th July 2017


Correction to tables below: Thanks to Mark for spotting my mistakes from the TT results from last week, the following times were sent over incorrectly, although were correct on the night:

Dave Salmon should be: 31:55, moving him down below Geoff, Simon and Dave Wilson; and Dave Lindsay should be: 26:33.

It was a gorgeous night for the 23 riders that came out to put themselves through the fun/agony of the 11.2 mile TT course. It was nice to see Robin and Lynette who joined us for the first time this season, and it was good to see Ruth back after her knee op.

TT Results for 29th June 2017

Only 18 riders this evening to take on the 11.2 mile SNCC TT course and some excellent performances led by Sam McDonald who took 43 seconds from his PB to go sub 26 minutes for the first time.

There were 4 riders under 26 minutes this evening with Ian Turner just edging the fastest time against the old warrior Richard Hancock with Nic Pillinger not far behind the first two.

TT Results for 22nd June 2017

The weather portents in late afternoon may have deterred a few from attending the TT however the 23 riders who turned up at the start line for the 11.2 mile SNCC TT were rewarded with a pleasant evening and congratulations to the six riders who turned in PB’s on the night: Norman, Dave S, Craig, Hugh, Richard and Simon.

Richard Hancock a veteran of the SNCC TT for almost 20 years achieved a long held target of going sub-25 minutes for the first time and at the age of almost 50 this was achieved tonight. Well done and congratulations.

TT Results for 15th June 2017

The 25 riders who were at the start line for the eighth SNCC TT of the season were pleased to see that the conditions were much more favourable than the previous week. The only possible blight on the evening was the strong wind especially up to the golf course turn which would make any PB hard earned on the 11.2 mile Abbotsley course.

TT Results for 8th June 2017

15 foolhardy riders came out last night to try the resurfaced-in-places 11.2 mile course. The concern about loose chippings were unfounded although there was a lot of mumbling that the holes were better because at least you could see them. The night was destined to have a low turnout due to the very windy conditions making PB's an unlikely prospect. We had 4 guests, a gorgeous new helper (Nicky) and a very happy mascot in Austin (Andrew Knowles gorgeous flat haired retriever) who was completely bonkers but lovely. Mandy finally (after 3 years of persuading) managed to get her sister out to help and she had a lovely time shouting the boys home like a fishwife! 

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