SNCC H/C TT Protocols for 2024 Series

The Club TT season will start on Thursday 23rd May and runs for 15 weeks till Thursday 29th August.


  • Limited to 25 riders
  • Sign on closes 15 minutes before event time with no exceptions
  • Entry on the line on the night
  • Riders will be required to enter their details on the start sheet as per CTT rules
  • Payment £4 per member and £5 per guest : We would prefer to minimise the use of cash and members are encouraged to pay in advance in tranches of six (£24 or £30). Credit will be rolled over if you do not attend a TT and refunds can be made at the end of the season.
    • First payment due by 22nd May
    • If you wish to pay for 15 events that is also acceptable
    • Payment to :404010 and 80724513 use your surname as a reference i.e. KingTT 
    • If paying cash please have the correct amount on the night as change may not be available
    • Payment is also acceptable on line by the following day
  • Race numbers will be issued on the night and are to be returned on the night
  • Race numbers will be allocated based on PB with slowest first and will be announced by the timekeeper.
  • Riders are asked not to congregate around the timekeeper during and after the event
  • Results will be published on WhatsApp that evening or the following day and in the following Weekly Bulletin
  • Handicap Trophy results will normally be published within 48 hours on the Club website

CTT Rules - Rear & Front Lights are now required to race - No Lights = No Ride


SNCC TT WhatsApp Group

There is currently a SNCC TT WhatsApp group that shares a lot of useful information on the Club TT (in case of issues we can update this group first), in addition we use it for the Inter Club (more to follow on that) and Open TTs. If you'd like to join it please drop the club a note or contact Nic Pillinger or Norman King.

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