Evening Chain-Gang Ride (Road Bikes only)


What is it?

A Chain Gang is a faster training ride (quicker than a club run) for those riders looking to improve their fitness and speed. Each rider takes a turn at the front (through and off) – the more riders there are, the shorter each stint at the front. It is also great for learning through and off technique and for getting a taste of riding at race pace.

If numbers allow, we form two (or even three) groups who set off a few minutes apart from each other in a Hare & Hounds contest to see if the lead group can 'stay away' or the chasing group(s) can make the catch.

Where and when do we meet?

We meet in the evening outside Café Nero on the Market Square at 6:50pm for a 7:00pm start every Tuesday evening.

What's the route?

From the Market Square we head out over the Town Bridge and up Crosshall Road and over the A1 on the B645 to Hail Weston, Great Staughton, Kimbolton, Tilbrook and Chelveton to the roundabout at Higham Ferrars, a distance of around 15 miles to the turn, before heading back on the same route to give a total distance of just over 30 miles in total.

See Strava link for more details www.strava.com/segments/1831911


Updated 04.05.21...

Due to the poor weather forecast for Tuesday 4th May 2021, we are moving the Chain Gang Intro to Tuesday 11th May 2021. Same time, 6:50pm in the square.


To relaunch the Chain Gang following the 2020 COVID lay-off we will follow the TT lead and have a "Chain Gang Intro Ride", this way previous riders can re-engage and new riders can learn the Chain Gang format.

We aim to ride the first week at pace where everyone is within their comfort zone and the flow and communication equal. Week two onwards the pace increases.

If you are new to the Chain Gang format and would like to come along then please do so, but be warned, it is addictive!

The following link will guide you as to what to expect

The established Chain Gang route will continue: Eaton Oak - A6 / B645 Roundabout - Eaton Oak.

See Web site page for Chain-Gang here.

See you there!


Please note this is mostly a summer event, so please check weekly Club email for latest updates/activity notice.