Winter Club TT Racing on Zwift...

Following on from the successful inter-club series which have been running for the past few years between 5 local cycling clubs (SNCC, BRCC, HNCC, CCA & IRC), there is a plan to continue through the winter on Zwift.

The plan is to use the British Cycling's 10-mile TT event on Thursdays (19:30), with results from the respective clubs extracted and tabulated using the existing Inter-club Excel spreadsheet. Series 1  will start in November & run for 7 weeks to 15th December, followed by Series 2 in January for 8 weeks ending at the end of February.

Since these are virtual events, there is no need to be venture out in public so you should have no concerns whether your equipment (bike or body) are in race condition.  We are therefore hoping that this will appeal to more than the usual pointy-hat brigade.  Why not use the event as a springboard to get into "live" TTs next year.

Please let the club know by the end of September whether you intend to participate so that we can decide whether to submit a team.