Club Annual Event Routes

Route Event Ride Garmin RWGPS
HoSN-19-Med Hell of St.Neots (Paris-Roubaix) HoSN19-50m-1486ft-S HoSN19-50m-1486ft-S
HoSN-20-Long Hell of St. Neots (Gent-Wevelgem) HoSN20L-59m-1709ft-N HoSN20L-59m-1709ft-N
HoSN-20-Med Hell of St. Neots (Gent-Wevelgem) HoSN20M-52m-1677ft-N HoSN20M-52m-1677ft-N
HoSN-20-Short Hell of St. Neots (Gent-Wevelgem) HoSN20S-30m-932ft-N HoSN20S-30m-932ft-N
HoSN-21-Med Hell of St. Neots (Queen of the Classics) HoSN21-55m-1904ft-SE HoSN21-55m-1904ft-SE
HoSN-23-Med Hell of St.Neots (Paris-Roubaix) HoSN23-46m-970ft-S HoSN23-46m-970ft-S
RR-24- Off Road Reliability Ride Off-Road 50km RROff-R-33m-636ft-SW RROff-R-33m-636ft-SW
RR-22-Short Reliability Ride 35km RR1-22m-502ft-SE RR1-22m-502ft-SE
RR-22-Med Reliability Ride 60km RR2-40m-1063ft-SE RR2-40m-1063ft-SE
RR-22-Long Reliability Ride 100km RR3-62m-1680ft-SE RR3-62m-1680ft-SE
HCBR1-Med Hot Cross Bun Run - Oundle Cafe HCBR1-55m HCBR1-55m
HCBR2-Med Hot Cross Bun Run - Old Weston Cafe HCBR2-Med-57m HCBR2-Med-57m
HCBR2-Short Hot Cross Bun Run - Old Weston Cafe HCBR2-Short-37m HCBR2-Short-37m
HCBR3-Short Hot Cross Bun Ride - Buckworth Cafe HCBR3-38m HCBR3-38m
YD-Friday1 Dales-1A Tan Hill YD-Fri/1A-29m-2454ft-W YD-Fri/1A-29m-2454ft-W
YD-Friday2 Dales-1B Tan Hill-Stang YD-Fri/1B-35m-3314ft-W YD-Fri/1B-35m-3314ft-W
YD-Saturday1 Dales-2A Kettlewell-Hawes YD-Sat/2A-61m-7395ft-SW YD-Sat/2A-61m-7395ft-SW
YD-Saturday2 Dales-2B Malham Cove YD-Sat/2B-77m-7673ft-SW YD-Sat/2B-77m-7673ft-SW
YD-Saturday3 Dales-2C Nidderdale via Park Rash YD-Sat/2C-74m-7721ft-S YD-Sat/2C-74m-7721ft-S
YD-Saturday4 Dales-2D Kettlewell-AysGarth Falls YD-Sat/2D-51m-5693ft-S YD-Sat/2D-51m-5693ft-S
YD-Saturday5 Dales-2E Segbergh YD-Sat/2E-75m-6349ft-W YD-Sat/2E-75m-6349ft-W
YD-Saturday6 Dales-2F Ribblehead Viaduct YD-Sat/2F-78m-7354ft-SW YD-Sat/2F-78m-7354ft-SW
YD-Saturday7 Dales-2G Chapel Fell YD-Sat/2G-81m-7630ft-N YD-Sat/2G-81m-7630ft-N
YD-Saturday8 Dales-2H Etape Du Dales (DBC) YD-Sat/2H-109m-10118ft-S YD-Sat/2H-109m-10118ft-S
YD-Saturday9 Dales-2I Buttertubs YD-Sat/2I-84m-7453ft-S YD-Sat/2I-84m-7453ft-S
YD-Sunday1 Dales-3A Muker YD-Sun/3A-19m-1119ft-W YD-Sun/3A-19m-1119ft-W
YD-Sunday2 Dales-3B Hardraw YD-Sun/3B-30m-2812ft-SW YD-Sun/3B-30m-2812ft-SW
YD-Sunday3 Dales-3C Buttertubs Classic YD-Sun/3C-30m-3093ft-W YD-Sun/3C-30m-3093ft-W
YD-Sunday4 Dales-3D Burtersett YD-Sun/3D-39m-4436ft-SW YD-Sun/3D-39m-4436ft-SW
YD-Sunday5 Dales-3E Stang YD-Sun/3E-31m-3710ft-N YD-Sun/3E-31m-3710ft-N
HC-21-Long Hill Climb Trophy-Staughton Moor HC-L-62m-1506ft-W HC-L-62m-1506ft-W
HC-21-Medium Hill Climb Trophy-Staughton Moor HC-M-46m-1362ft-NS HC-M-46m-1362ft-NS
HC-21-Short Hill Climb Trophy-Staughton Moor HC-S-35m-1145ft-S HC-S-35m-1145ft-S
NYW&L-Short/Medium New Year Wide-Eyed & Leg-Less NYW&L-SM-35m-865ft NYW&L-SM-35m-865ft
NYW&L-Medium/Long New Year Wide-Eyed & Leg-Less NYW&L-ML-45m-912ft NYW&L-ML-45m-912ft


 Miscellanous Routes

Route Event Ride Garmin RWGPS
Rutland County Burrough on the Hill (Parking Start/Finish) E1-61m E1-61m
TRL1 Training Ride Loop TRL  
VEN1 Cafe Ventoux Ride VEN1-107m-3698ft-W  
C1-100 Century Ride-Finchingfield C1-100m-4226ft-SE C1-100m-4226ft-SE
SNOGs-100K SNOGs Christmas Ride SNOG-100k-1747ft-SE SNOG-100k-1747ft-SE
Breakfast Ride-2 Breakfast at Old Weston (Village Hall) BF2-44m-945ft-S BF2-44m-945ft-N
Breakfast Ride-3 Breakfast at Keysoe International BF3-36m-889ft-SW BF3-36m-889ft-SW
Evening-2021 Evening ride & Pub EP21-37m-1142ft-W EP21-37m-1142ft-W
Ukraine1 Cycle for Ukraine (Main Route) U1-15m-322ft-SE U1-15m-322ft-SE
Ukraine2 Cycle for Ukraine (Family Route) U2-3m-32ft U2-3m-32ft
Norfolk Ride Around Norfolk N1-78m-2884ft-E N1-78m-2884ft-E
Cambs Boundry Ride-1 Audax style endurance ride CBR1-130m-3670ft CBR1-130m-3670ft
Cambs Boundry Ride-2 Audax style endurance ride (Alternative Route via Ely-Soham if dry) CBR2-131m-3673ft CBR2-131m-3673ft
Beds Boundry Ride Audax style endurance ride BBR1-126m-4458ft BBR1-126m-4458ft