Route Event Ride Garmin RWGPS
HoSN-1 Hell of St.Neots (Paris-Roubaix) HoSN1-50m-1486ft-S HoSN1-50m-1486ft-S
HoSN-2-Long Hell of St. Neots (Gent-Wevelgem) HoSN2L-59m-1709ft-N HoSN2L-59m-1709ft-N
HoSN-2-Medium Hell of St. Neots (Gent-Wevelgem) HoSN2M-52m-1677ft-N HoSN2M-52m-1677ft-N
HoSN-2-Short Hell of St. Neots (Gent-Wevelgem) HoSN2S-30m-932ft-N HoSN2S-30m-932ft-N
RR1 Reliability Ride 63km RR1-40m-1063ft-SE RR1-40m-1063ft-SE
RR2 Reliability Ride 100km RR2-62m-1680ft-SE RR2-62m-1680ft-SE
E1 Rutland E1-61m E1-61m
HCBR1 Hot Cross Bun Run - Cafe Oundle HCBR-55m v1 HCBR-55m v1
HCBR2 Hot Cross Bun Run - Cafe Oundle HCBR-37m v1  
HCBR3 Hot Cross Bun Run - Cafe Old Weston HCBR-57m v2 HCBR-57m v2
HCBR4 Hot Cross Bun Run - Cafe Old Weston HCBR-37m v2 HCBR-37m v2
TRL Training Ride Loop TRL  
VEN2 Cafe Ventoux Ride VEN2-107m-3698ft-W  
YD-Friday Dales-1 Tan Hill YD-Fri-29m-2454ft-W  
YD-Friday2 Dales-1A Tan Hill-Stang YD-Fri2-35m-3314ft-W  
YD-Saturday Dales-2 Kettlewell-Hawes YD-Sat-61m-7395ft-SW  
YD-Sunday Dales-3 Muker YD-Sun-19m-1119ft-W  
YD-Sunday2 Dales-3A Hardraw YD-Sun-30m-2812ft-SW  
E2-100 100-Miler-Finchingfield E2-100m-4226ft-SE E2-100m-4226ft-SE