The Inter Club series has taken a while to be confirmed however we now have the dates available and 4 of the 5 events can now be entered.

To enter the Inter-Club TT follow this link here

This series is a set of 5 events between, CCA, BRCC, HNCC, IRC and ourselves SNCC.

The event is ranked between our Club TT and an Open TT so is an ideal way to test yourself before riding an Open. Many members have ridden these events over the years and it is a "fun" event not taken too seriously. 


First event is the HNCC 30 (although it is 27.7 miles) on the 23rd Jun with a closing date of 20th Jun.


Second event is the CCA 25 on the 14th Jul with a closing date of 11th Jul.


Third is our event SNCC 10 (on the Abbo course) on the 27th Jul with a closing date of 24th Jul.

For this event we will require about 10 volunteers so if you are not riding please respond to the request to help out.


Fourth event is the IRC Hill Climb  on the 29th Sept with a closing date of 27th Sept. 


Fifth event, the BRCC 15, date has not yet been confirmed.


Once you enter they will contact all riders with the start time, course details, location of sign on, HQ and other administrative details.

Come and give it a try - you might/will enjoy it.

Any questions then please ask Norman King or Nic Pillinger.