First we would like to congratulate all the winners of the three trophies and also all the Club members who have supported the TT this season and who have complied and respected the new set of rules we were required to adopt to ensure that we could race in the first instance and secondly stay safe at the same time. 30 riders took part this year including 7 guests.

Secondly, we wish to thank those members of the Club who actually made the TT’s happen this season. At the start of the lockdown period the prospect of holding any TT’s was slim and to have held 5 events (albeit the rain did postpone one of them) is testament to the efforts of (in no particular order) Simon Richardson, Mike Biggs, Gary Adnitt. Norman King, Mandy McEvoy, Martin Bond and Alistair Henderson.

NEXT TT – April 2021 – Will we have a course to ride will depend on progress with the new A428 and if we are blocked then we will find an alternative. Only 36 weeks to wait! Have a good winter of training and see you all at the start line next April.