Try out these new Club routes with a an enjoyable coffee/cake stop...


Route Coffee Stop Garmin RWGPS Updated
CS1-L Holly Lodge Farm & Café 58m-1631ft-N 58m-1631ft-N 20.04.21
CS1-M Holly Lodge Farm & Café 49m-1155ft-N 49m-1155ft-N 20.04.21
CS1-S Holly Lodge Farm & Café 40m-1063ft-N 40m-1063ft-N 20.04.21
CS2-L The Barn 59m-1348ft-SW 59m-1348ft-SW 23.06.21
CS2-M The Barn


50m-1102ft-SW 23.06.21
CS2-S The Barn 33m-600ft-SW 33m-600ft-SW 23.06.21
CS3-L The Keysoe Café 63m-1644ft-SW 63m-1644ft-SW 19.05.21
CS3-M The Keysoe Café 54m-1394ft-SW 54m-1394ft-SW 19.05.21
CS3-S The Keysoe Café 36m-889ft-SW 36m-889ft-SW 19.05.21
CS4-L Jordans Mill 68m-1303ft-S 68m-1303ft-S 12.07.21
CS4-M Jordans Mill 55m-1106ft-S 55m-1106ft-S 02.08.21
CS4-S Jordans Mill 37m-607ft-S 37m-607ft-S 12.07.21