Try out these new Club routes with a an enjoyable coffee/cake stop...

Route Notes:

Dont forget to check opening times of cafe's on their web sites as these can change periodocally.

Danish Camp - Bikes have to left out front, riders may want their bike locks. 


Route Coffee Stop Location Garmin RWGPS Updated
CS1-L Holly Lodge Farm & Café Buckworth 58m-1631ft-N 58m-1631ft-N 20.04.21
CS1-M Holly Lodge Farm & Café Buckworth 49m-1155ft-N 49m-1155ft-N 20.04.21
CS1-S Holly Lodge Farm & Café Buckworth 40m-1063ft-N 40m-1063ft-N 20.04.21
CS2-L The Cowshed Cafe Northill 52m-1314ft-SW 52m-1314ft-SW 30.02.23
CS2-M The Cowshed Cafe Northill 44m-1115ft-SW 44m-1115ft-SW 31.03.23
CS2-S The Cowshed Cafe Northill 29m-633ft-SW 29m-633ft-SW 30.03.23
CS2-L-R The Cowshed Cafe Northill 52m-1314ft-SW   01.05.24
CS2-M-R The Cowshed Cafe Northill 44m-1115ft-SW   01.05.24
CS2-S-R The Cowshed Cafe Northill 29m-633ft-SW   01.05.24
CS3-L The Keysoe Café Keysoe 63m-1644ft-SW 63m-1644ft-SW 19.05.21
CS3-M The Keysoe Café Keysoe 54m-1394ft-SW 54m-1394ft-SW 19.05.21
CS3-S The Keysoe Café Keysoe 36m-889ft-SW 36m-889ft-SW 19.05.21
CS4-L Jordans Mill Broom 68m-1303ft-S 68m-1303ft-S 12.07.21
CS4-M Jordans Mill Broom 55m-1106ft-S 55m-1106ft-S 02.08.21
CS4-S Jordans Mill Broom 37m-607ft-S 37m-607ft-S 12.07.21
CS5-L Madingley Hall Madingley 64m-1135ft-E 64m-1135ft-E 01.09.21
CS5-M Madingley Hall Madingley 51m-1020ft-E 51m-1020ft-E 01.09.21
CS5-S Madingley Hall Madingley 40m-778ft-E 40m-778ft-E 01.09.21
CS6-L Emmaus Village Cafe Carlton 54m-1657ft-SW 54m-1657ft-SW 08.02.24
CS7-L Danish Camp Willington 62m-1955ft-S 62m-1955ft-S 22.04.22
CS7-M Danish Camp Willington 48m-1408ft-S 48m-1408ft-S 22.04.22
CS7-S Danish Camp Willington 30m-862ft-S 30m-862ft-S 22.04.22
CS8-L The Lodge - Graze Cafe Duxford 63m-1230ft-SE 63m-1230ft-SE 24.06.22
CS9-L The Watermill Tearooms Thrapston 60m-1537ft-NW 60m-1537ft-NW 20.07.22
CS9-M The Watermill Tearooms Thrapston 52m-1288ft-NW 52m-1288ft-NW 20.07.22
CS9-S The Watermill Tearooms Thrapston 42m-949ft-NW 42m-949ft-NW 20.07.22
CS10-L Harrold-Odell Country Park Harrold 59m-1712ft-W 59m1712ft-W 21.07.22
CS10-M Harrold-Odell Country Park Harrold 49m-1316ft-W 49m-1316ft-W 21.07.22
CS10-S Harrold-Odell Country Park Harrold 40m-914ft-W 40m-914ft-W 02.06.23
CS11-L The Commute Cafe St.Ives 62m-1327ft-N 62m-1327ft-N 24.08.23
CS11-M The Commute Cafe St.Ives 54m-1172ft-N 54m-1172ft-N 24.08.23
CS11-S The Commute Cafe St.Ives 34m-869ft-N 34m-869ft-N 24.08.23
CS12-L The Kingfisher Cafe Barnwell Country Park 56m-1794ft-N 56m-1794ft-N 08.02.24
CS13-L Shuttleworth Biggleswade 64m-1534ft-S 64m-1534ft-S 10.06.24
CS13-M Shuttleworth Biggleswade 56m-1432ft-S 56m-1432ft-S 10.06.24
CS13-S Shuttleworth Biggleswade 37m-1043ft-S 37m-1043ft-S 10.06.24
CS14-M Rectory Farm Kitchen Warmington 57m-1465ft-N 57m-1465ft-N 26.03.24
CS15-L Boundry Cafe Potton 60m-1455ft-E 60m-1455ft-E 30.05.24
CS15-M Boundry Cafe Potton 50m-1148ft-E 50m1148ft-E 30.05.24
CS15-S Boundry Cafe Potton 32m-707ft-E 32m-707ft-E 30.05.24
CS16 New Lodge Farm Cafe Bulwick 70m-2105ft-NW 70m-2105ft-NW 06.06.24
CS17 The Boxwood Cafe Barnwell 55m-1710ft-N 55m-1710ft-N 11.06.24