Ever wanted to Rate a Club Ride/Route?

The club has 181 advertised routes for all members to ride and enjoy as part of a club ride or at their own leisure, some of these have been tried and tested over many years and others are new additions (ie Reversed Routes). The club would be interested to know which of these our members prefer and as such will be asking any member to provide a rating score to each route in their own personal opinion ie after completing the ride.


Please tell us which routes you would like to ride more frequently by rating them from 1-10, where 10 = most often and 1 = least often”, we will then take the average of all the members ratings and post the results on the web site so you can view the results for yourself. Helps the club to keep their routes to a high standard and also provides feedback to new and old members as to which are the favourites.


Please send your route rating to us at any time including name, route number and rating score. For example “Gary Adnitt, M11, 3”

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We appreciate your feedback, Thanks.

Club Committee



Standard Routes         Reversed Routes       Coffee Routes      
  Rating   Rating   Rating     Rating   Rating   Rating     Rating   Rating   Rating
L1 8 M1 7 S1     L1   M1   S1     CS1-L   CS1-M   CS1-S  
L2   M2 8 S2     L2   M2   S2     CS2-L   CS2-M   CS2-S  
L3   M3   S3     L3   M3   S3     CS3-L   CS3-M   CS3-S  
L4   M4   S4     L4   M4 8 S4     CS4-L   CS4-M 10 CS4-S  
L5   M5   S5     L5   M5   S5     CS5-L   CS5-M   CS5-S  
L6   M6 9 S6     L6   M6   S6     CS6-L   CS6-M   CS6-S  
L7   M7   S7     L7   M7 9 S7                
L8   M8   S8     L8   M8   S8                
L9   M9   S9     L9   M9   S9                
L10   M10   S10     L10   M10   S10                
L11   M11 3 S11     L11   M11 R S11                
L12 10 M12   S12     L12   M12 5 S12                
L13   M13 10 S13     L13   M13 5 S13                
L14 7 M14 6 S14     L14 8 M14 8 S14                
L15   M15   S15     L15   M15   S15                
L16   M16   S16     L16   M16   S16                
L17 8 M17 9 S17     L17   M17   S17                
L18   M18   S18     L18 8 M18   S18                
L19   M19   S19     L19   M19   S19                
L20   M20 9 S20     L20   M20   S20                
L21 9 M21   S21     L21   M21   S21                
L22   M22   S22     L22   M22   S22                
L23   M23   S23     L23   M23   S23                
L24   M24   S24     L24   M24   S24                
L25   M25   S25     L25   M25   S25                
L26   M26 10 S26     L26   M26   S26                
L27   M27         L27   M27                    
L28   M28 1       L28   M28                    
L29   M29 9       L29   M29                    



R= Route Removed

Table rating equals average of all rider feedback



Member comments received...

M1 OK roads that I know well (hence no particular desire to do the route more often). Road surface not too bad.
  Decent route, but nothing memorable
M2 Nice route today – had the feeling of being far from St Neots.
M14 A reasonable amount of traffic. Routing issues near the turn and most (all?) Garmins in the group failed to give turn alerts – perhaps the route needs re-plotting?. Road surface terrible on the way out.
M26 Mainly on quiet roads / decent surface most of the time / much of the route was new to me / several decent climbs to mix it up a bit. Sun and a good group helped too.
M7-R Enjoyed today's ride - interesting to do some roads I know reasonably well in reverse. The junctions seemed to work out ok too.
M12-R Difficult one, this, as it was an interesting route on roads we don’t ride often, but the road surface was shockingly bad and the roads were pretty narrow for a portion of the ride – hence the low rating.
M13-R Poor road surface, Garmin errors
CS4 Thoroughly enjoyed this ride and great café stop.