Rules for the Handicap TT Trophy

As well as taking part in the TT you also have the opportunity of winning the Handicap Trophy for the year/season.

Nic Pillinger our TT secretary has updated the rules to reflect the Last Three Seasons (LTS), and is the owner of the overall handicaps and personal bests and it is as follows: 

  • Base time is 25 minutes for the circuit and your handicap is calculated from this figure for the Last Three Seasons (LTS)
  • To establish your handicap, we take your best time from the LTS
  • The base time of 25 minutes is deducted from your best time to give you your handicap
  • For example, a time of 32 minutes would give a handicap of 7 minutes 
  • 7 minutes, in this example, is deducted from your actual time on the evening to give your handicap time. In this case your handicap time would be 25 minutes
  • Typically, if your Handicap Time is under 25 minutes you will be in contention for some good points on the night. Points are awarded based on the number of riders (excluding guests and first-time riders). So, if 20 riders and 2 guests and 2 first time riders then 16 points available.
  • Lowest Handicap Time would receive 16 points down to 1 point for the highest handicap time 
  • Points awarded are based on the Handicap Time and not the Actual Time
  • Continuing the example above, if your actual time is 31 minutes for the next TT then your new handicap time will be 6 minutes for the next TT, however on the night your handicap time is 24 minutes (31 minutes less 7 minutes = 24 minutes) 
  • This handicap time remains until you improve on your time so if you posted another 31 minutes the following week your Handicap Time would be 25 minutes (31 less 6) or if you were slower and posted 33 minutes then your Handicap Time would be 27 minutes. 
  • Riders without a handicap time. Your first TT sets your handicap time and will be used until you improve on this time.

 Of course you can just come along on any of the evenings and enjoy the experience and forget all about the above !!

We look forward to seeing you.