So after the local TT on Saturday on F2A/25 we only had Pat racing, and what an experience for him. Well done Pat, you represented the club well.

 A very chastening introduction to international competition in my defence, one of the oldest in my age group. Fridays road race went at a relentless pace, managed to get dropped on the first climb, worked really hard on the next 10 miles of flattish going and managed to get back to the pack, after another few miles got dropped again, was a case of making my own way home to finish 51st, however was 11th out of 30 Brits, so reasonably happy with my performance, incidentally the winner Sylvan Adams a mere youngster at 65 is a multiple world champion and the co-owner of Israel PremierTec with a full backup crew servicing him, riding the latest works bike! 

Monday saw the TT, pleased with my performance with an average power of 300 watts, gave me 16th fastest and 4th Brit home, Mr Adams won that as well only 3 and half minutes quicker than me over about 15 miles!! All in all a great experience, now to decide whether to train for next year in the 70 + group.