McDonald sets new Abbotsley TT course record ... Congratulations from the Club

“Oh….what a night!” 

Thursday 17th August saw a tremendous SNCC Time Trial at the Abbotsley course. With only three Time Trials left this year, and probably ever on this course owing to the new Oxford to Cambridge link road smashing through the course soon, the competitors were beginning to jostle for the ultimate accolade of Course Record holder in perpetuity for the course!

Upon arrival at the start it was heard in dulcet, expert, tones by those that know: “it’s a good night, wind in the right direction from the North North East and the temperature perfect”. But the wind was also a little too strong and the air pressure was not perfect, but on balance it sounded like a good night from the start!

When things got underway there were 10 strong riders, and the wind had abated a little. First man off was the current handicap points leader, Simon Winter, playing a shrewd game this season, but only just back from holiday, so perhaps a little unfit?


Everyone on the start list deserves a mention, as they all put in huge efforts, as ever, but a few performances were very special:

Geoff Smith at the tender age of 78 managing under 30 minutes at 29:47.

Stephen Ellerbeck, on a road bike in his third ever visit to the TT getting in at a PB of 28:56 on a road bike.

Frances Lammyman taking a whole second off her PB to 28:00 after her best start ever!

Adam Williams PB’ed by 14 seconds to get 24:09. Into the 23’s by the end of the season?

And then the enormous news that Sam McDonald has broken the course record by 6 seconds to take it to 23:26! Theobold Stigenstein’s (aka James Tucker) old record from 2017 has been finally beaten! Sam’s record is a truly awesome effort, as conditions were not perfect and he was held up in the first 100m metres by a vehicle, so there is still more to come over the next couple of weeks! His commitment has been fantastic to breaking this record and he remarked that last night he achieved his best ever drag figures (his aero tuck is good!) and his average power was his best ever around abbo. He has been competing since 2015 and started at 30 minutes plus! What an inspiration for all riders….and he’s timed it perfectly for the course record!


Or has he? There are still two Thursday’s left! Can Sam better the course record again, or will there be a challenge? We will have to wait and see: perhaps Ryan, Adam, Nic, Shaun and others will want to try and take on the challenge with a special effort for the last circuits of this fantastic course!

Let’s make the last two TT’s at Abbo really special!

And remember, the last two dates of the season start at 18:30 with signing on at 18:15….



Note to All Riders...

All Riders are reminded not to cross the white line in the middle of the road around the course... it is dangerous and violates CTT regulations/approvals.

Club Committee


TT#17 Race Results …  


# Rider Time  LT-PB Note
1 Sam McDonald 23:26 23:26 PB/CR
2 Adam Williams 24:09 24:09 PB
3 Ryan Witchell 24:11 23:39 Guest
4 Frances Lammyman 28:00 28:00 PB
5 Paul Williamson 28:07 27:19  
6 Steve Ellerbeck 28:56 28:56 PB
7 Geoff Smith 29:47 27:37  
8 Jim Robertson 30:53 29:12  
9 Simon Winter 32:19 30:26  
10 Pat Ellerbeck   26:26 DNF



TT#17 Handicap Points

The Handicap Trophy points are awarded for the number of riders on the night less Guests and First Time Members. So tonight 10 riders and 9 points on offer. A Handicap Time of 25 minutes or less means that you have either matched your PB or improved on it. A Handicap Time greater than 25 minutes shows how much you are off your PB.

Congratulations to Steve Ellerbeck for taking the maximum points on offer tonight.



      Lifetime Actual    H/Cap H/Cap
# <25 Rider PB Time H/cap  Time Points
1   Steve Ellerbeck 29:15 28:56 4:15 24:41 9
2 * Sam McDonald 23:41 23:26 1:19 24:45 8
3 * Adam Williams 24:23 24:09 0:37 24:46 7
4   Frances Lammyman 28:01 28:00 3:01 24:59 6
5   Paul Williamson 27:19 28:07 2:19 25:48 5
6   Jim Robertson 29:12 30:53 4:12 26:41 4
7   Simon Winter 30:26 32:19 5:26 26:53 3
8   Geoff Smith 27:37 29:47 2:37 27:10 2
9   Pat Ellerbeck 26:26 0:00 1:26 DNF 1
    * H/C is plus as sub 25 mins        



Handicap Trophy Table - 2023

2023 SNCC TT H/C Table (