Over the weekend we had members racing at a Criterium at Milton Keynes Bowl, competing in the Kettering 20 Mile TT and a lot at the Cambs Classic starting from Huntingdon Racecourse, well done to the cyclists who completed the Sportive. You'd think Spring was just around the corner.

Kettering CC 5th Mar 23, 20 miles course on the NC1A. Pat Ellerbeck finished the course 11th out of 18 on a Road Bike in a time of 53.21 (average 22.5mph). Well done Pat.

Milton Keynes Bowl, 4th Mar 23, Men's cat 3/4 crit race and Women's 2/3/4 crit race 

Pos: Adam Williams: 10/43, Stassi Bowler: 4/17, Frances Lamm: 12/17


Frances race report: 

As the first race of the season I didn't have high expectations but I was hoping to stick with the bunch and enjoy it. Last year's midweek races were E/1/2/3/4 and a little disheartening so I was looking forward to a 2/3/4 instead. Unfortunately, my brain went into panic as soon as the race reached the first bend on the course and my crash from a few weeks ago got in my head. I found myself sticking to the back of the group and taking the corner slower than everyone else, then sprinting to catch people up. After 25 minutes this took its toll and I eventually dropped off the back. After half a lap to catch my breath back I figured I might as well get some cornering practice in while I was on my own, so I brought the pace back up and made the most of it. I managed to keep away from the main bunch for about 20 minutes, before they lapped me on the penultimate lap. I tagged on the back of the group and got and sprint in at the end! All in all, good practice and I'm looking forward to the next one.


Stassi race report:

My aim was to try and attack a couple of times to get some practice in, and to also try not to sit on the front for too long. I managed one attack but probably wasn't the best time to do it in the last few laps, needless to say it didn't stick! I did manage to conserve energy in the bunch though, and stuck myself on the wheel of a good sprinter for the last few laps (after my failed attack). Coming into the final sprint I tried to hold the wheel for a podium but the top 3 girls had a much better sprint than me! I was still pretty happy with 4th, and it's always great getting to meet and chat to some really strong racers.