by Shaun Jarvis...

Two results from this weekend after the local Time Trial on Monday was cancelled due to potholes on the racing line and would probably have been cancelled due to rain.

A very cold Good Friday morning on H10/2 10-Mile TT course. First rider off at 7:30 with an air temperature ≈5°C.

H10/2 is a well known course to Stassi (Bowler) and I (Shaun Jarvis), previously competing on a weekly club TT a few years ago. This time an open event organised by High Wycombe CC.

I completed the 10-Mile TT in a time of 22:20, a little down on power from where I had targeted, but nonetheless pleased considering the cold conditions. Stassi finished with a time of 24:36 achieving good power performance, and finishing second on the podium to none other than Kate Allen.
Stassi's father, Simon Bowler, also competed, finishing in a time of 21:22, and climbing to the top step of the podium in the Veterans.

Pros and Cons taken from the TT for all 3 riders mentioned, now time to analyse and train accordingly for the following races, but first, Easter Eggs!