Looks like the Time Trials and racing are in full swing and we have a number of results to update you on. If you are doing a TT, Crit, ROad Race or any other event please feel free to submit a report and if you have photos all the better. P.S. Summer is just around the corner.

British Masters HNCC 3up TTT Pat Ellerbeck Sat 13th Apr 2nd team out of 2 time not declared.

Pat's race report - A good one to forget, had a bad one really struggled finished 2nd out of 2 in our division I was slowing the other two up, hopefully an improvement this weekend with Northants TT Saturday and BM Stallard road race Sunday, This was a BM 3up TTT and not a CTT event the other 2 cyclists were from different clubs and we rode as the 3 Toed Sloths. The slowest mammal in existence was very apt for me last week!

NDCA TT Race 3 of 8 on the NC25 - 9.8 miles Pat Ellerbeck Sat 20th Apr 28.59 25th out of 38 on a road bike

British Masters Round 2 Stallard Series Race G&H Malvern Hills Pat Ellerbeck Sun 21st Apr 14th of 19 49 miles

IRC TT F5/20 Sam McDonald Sun 21st Apr 44.01 2nd of 37 - good start to the season.

Twickenham CC Dave Peck Memorial British Cup Race 57 miles Stassi Bowler (St Pirans Ladies RT) Sun 21st Apr 11th of 67 - another good result