I would like to thank all the volunteers who helped run and marshal these events, and time trials generally. Without volunteers they wouldn't happen, and I believe it's important to help the club when required if you enjoy riding time trials, whether that is open events like these or Abbo on a Thursday evening...

After hitting a bit of a purple patch of form, I've managed to break the club time trial records for 10 and 100 miles last week. I broke the 10-mile record on Wednesday evening at the VTTA event held on the A428 at Cambourne. I had ridden the same event the week before and set a good, but not blisteringly fast time, and I was expecting more of the same since the weather seemed quite similar. However, when warming up it definitely felt quicker, and that's how it went in the race. It felt fast everywhere and even going up the little rises I could keep my minimum speed quite high. I ended up doing a 19:10 (31.3 mph) for second place on the night. Full results can be found here

The 100-mile time trial was held (very early) on Sunday morning on the A11 and A14. I had never ridden a time trial this long before so my plan was to start conservatively, keep taking on nutrition and hold easy speed where possible, knowing that the end would probably be quite tough. And the plan largely worked. For the first 75 miles I felt in control, fast and had more in the tank if needed. I had a few aches and pains, but nothing that couldn't be dealt with. However, as the event went on my stomach was not tolerating my drink mix and after 3 hours I couldn't drink any more. That meant the last 20-mile headwind section was a bit of a slog mentally and physically as I could feel my strength dropping away. But I kept on going, knowing I was still on for a very good time. In the end I crossed the line for a time of 3:33:27 (28.1 mph) to take the win. Full results can be found here

Congratulations from all club members.