TT#6 Race Results …  

At last we had a Abbo TT, the previous 2 weeks being lost to the weather and then road works on the course. Even this evening's event had been in doubt but after Nic called the Highways Agency and a check of the surface we decided to proceed.

However, the wind was up and it was not ideal conditions. As a consequence we had 3 riders (1 guest for Ashwell Stephen Douglas) a shame really as we ended up with Mandy as TK, Norman as Asst, Alistair back watching the event, Shaun and Nic - so more spectators/officials than riders. Hopefully we can get a bigger turn out in the next few weeks as conditions improve in July and August.

As a result all 3 riders did admirably with Nick Green being closest to his season's best, Simon Murphy described the conditions as being hard work but still did a quick time.

TT#6 Race Results … 


Race Table Race PB  
# Rider Time  Lifetime Note
1 Simon Murphy 26:26 25:12  
2 Nick Green 30:38 30:03  
3 Stephen Douglas 31:01 31:01 Guest/FT



TT#6 Handicap Points

The Handicap Trophy points are awarded for the number of riders on the night less Guests and First Time Members. So tonight 3 riders and 2 points on offer. A Handicap Time of 25 minutes or less means that you have either matched your PB or improved on it. A Handicap Time greater than 25 minutes shows how much you are off your PB. This year the handicap PB is based on the best time in the last three seasons (LTS - 2021-2023) and not a riders life time best as in previous years.

Congratulations to Nick Green for taking the maximum points on offer tonight.


H/C Table PB PB Actual  25:00 H/Cap H/Cap
# <25 Rider Year 3Yr/LTS Time H/cap  Time Points
1   Nick Green 2024 30:03 30:38 5:03 25:35 2
2   Simon Murphy 2021 25:12 26:26 0:12 26:14 1
    * H/C is plus as sub 25 mins          


Handicap Trophy Table - 2024

2024 SNCC TT H/C Table (