TT#7 Race Results …  

On an overcast evening six riders were on the line ready to test themselves on the 11.2 mile Abbotsley course.

We were happy to see a 100% increase in the number of riders over the previous week and we would encourage more riders to come along and test themselves on the course.

It was a welcome back for three riders taking part in their first TT of 2024. Good to see course record holder , Sam McDonald , on form with a sub 24 minute time despite the conditions.

Mark Greenhow delivered a sub 30 minute ride and he has signed up for at least five races so expect to see an improvement on that time.

Justin Lomas’s last TT was in 2012 and delighted to see him revive his TT journey. Only five minutes off his time from July 2012 and we hope that he will be back on a regular basis.

A warm welcome to Tina Dankwart making her Abbo debut with a very respectable 34.04 and she tells us that she will be back for more !

Simon Murphy is firmly back in the saddle with a 16 second improvement over last week and welcome back to Stephen Douglas from Ashwell CC for his second Abbo TT and well done for finding another thirty two seconds.

The Ashman Trophy dating back to 1938 will be contested on 18th July . This is two laps of the Abbo course and is a handicap trophy which usually means if you are able to set a PB on one of the laps you are a serious contender for the Trophy. Anyone can win on the night. Hope to see as many riders as possible on the 18th.


TT#7 Race Results Table … 


Race Table Race PB  
# Rider Time  Lifetime Note
1 Sam McDonald 23:52 23:26  
2 Simon Murphy 26:10 25:12  
3 Mark Greenhow 29:35 25:54  
4 Stephen Douglas 30:29 31:01 Guest/PB
5 Justin Lomas 31:59 26:37 FT/LTS
6 Tina Dankwart 34:04 34:04 FT



TT#7 Handicap Points Table...

The Handicap Trophy points are awarded for the number of riders on the night less Guests and First Time Members and First Time LTS/PB races. So tonight 6 riders and 3 points on offer. A Handicap Time of 25 minutes or less means that you have either matched your PB or improved on it. A Handicap Time greater than 25 minutes shows how much you are off your PB. This year the handicap PB is based on the best time in the last three seasons (LTS - 2021-2023/2024) and not a riders life time best as in previous years.

Congratulations to Sam McDonald for taking the maximum points on offer tonight.


H/C Table PB PB Actual  25:00 H/Cap H/Cap
# <25 Rider Year 3Yr/LTS Time H/cap  Time Points
1 * Sam McDonald 2023 23:26 23:52 1:34 25:26 3
2   Simon Murphy 2021 25:12 26:10 0:12 25:58 2
3   Mark Greenhow 2022 26:50 29:35 1:50 27:45 1
    Justin Lomas 2024 31:59 31:59      
    Tina Dankwart 2024 34:04 34:04      
    * H/C is plus as sub 25 mins          


Handicap Trophy Table - 2024

2024 SNCC TT H/C Table (