St Neots Cycle Club - 2011 Time Trial Reports including Ashman Handicap Cup report

Ashman Handicap Cup

17th July  witnessed the “Ashman Handicap Cup” which covers the usual Thursday night time trial course twice for a total mileage of 22.4 miles. The weather featured heavy rain showers which had passed with just a light down pour after the majority of the field had started on the course. The roads were wet for the first circuit with the roads drying for the second half.

A most impressive ride for Justin Lomas who not only won the event on scratch but was fast enough to claim the Handicap event and was this years winner of the “Ashman Handicap Cup” with a fantastic time of 55.11! This was over 5 minutes clear of his nearest rival Richard Ostler who was still recovering from road rash from a crash at the Rockingham race track road race series.

Chris Gosling rolled in  third spot. Returning to racing after a lay-off of 10 years was Mick Yates riding a superb retro racing machine which caught the eye of all present. Adrian Taverna posted a credible time especially after taking part in a 60 mile plus club run in the morning. Paul Phillips was the lantern rouge in this event after experiencing mechanical trouble and a change in the weather that left him a little damp but still smiling at the end.
The absence of one club regular was noted !! he passed the excuse of “I’ll be watching golf this afternoon”

The Ashman Handicap Cup 22.4 Miles (2 circuits)
                                Lap 1     Total
1.    Justin Lomas      27.23      55.11
2.    Richard Ostler    30.25    1.00.21
3.    Chris Gosling      31.04    1.02.42
4.    Mick Yates        33.02    1.05.47
5.    Adrian Taverna  34.54    1.09.55
6.    Adrian Lewis     36.07     1.12.46
7.    Paul Phillips       44.26     1.35.47

Ostler goes sub 30 Again!

The threat of rain held off but a southerly wind still made it a tough evening especially on the run into Gamlingay, but this did not hold off Richard Ostler from another sub 30 minute ride and claiming first place. Chris Gosling claimed second spot with a seasons best time of 30.06 for the 11.2 mile sporting course with continental racing cyclist Geoff Smith claiming third spot.

Tandem pair Kevin stokes and Geoff Perry set the course alight on their tandem machine at an average speed of over 27 miles an hour.

This Thursdays time trial was the last in the season with only the hill climb still to come, details to be posted nearer the time.

The Abbotsley 11.2 Sporting Course
1.    Richard Ostler 29.13
2.    Chris Gosling 30.06
3.    Geoff Smith 30.46
4.    David Lindsay 32.26
5.    Leon Bradford 33.01
6.    Andrew Kluth 33.23
7.    Adrian Lewis 33.24
8.    Alistair Henderson 33.36
Tandem Pair Kevin Stokes & Geoff Perry 24.44

Mr T improves yet again!

A warm and wet evening saw Adrian Taverna claim third place and set a new personal record for the Abbotsley course on Thursday evening with a 30.30 ride which is a massive improvement of over six minutes on his personal best time last year. Having secured the club Handicap trophy for the season Adrian’s next target will be a sub thirty minute ride.

The event was won by Justin Lomas who continues to enjoy much better form with a time of 27.07 with Richard Ostler claiming second overall.

The Abbotsley 11.2 Sporting Course
1.    Justin Lomas 27.07
2.    Richard Ostler 29.21
3.    Adrian Taverna 30.30
4.    Andrew Kluth 31.34
5.    David Lindsay 32.48
6.    Leon Bradford 33.01
7.    Adrian Lewis 33.54

Stokes Again!

Kevin Stokes riding for Team Milton Keynes made it two out of two with another fast ride improving his time by over 30 seconds to take victory in this weeks club event for St Neots Cycling Club.

Richard Ostler also improved but still remained in second place.

The Puncture demon visited the clubs own rising star Adrian Taverna who managed to ride the last two miles on a flat tyre narrowly missing out on a personal best time.

Dominic Whitehead was once again unable to beat the magic thirty minute barrier having been painfully close over recent weeks.

Geoff Smith held good time posting another sub thirty minute ride with St Neots s own Leon Bradford continuing to improve and now knocking on the door of a sub 32 minute ride.

This weeks lantern rouge was David Smith riding his first Time Trial and posting a very credible time of 34.01!

The Abbotsley 11.2 Sporting Course
1.    Kevin Stokes 28.00
2.    Richard Ostler 28.45
3.    Geoff Smith 29.51
4.    Dominic Whitehead 30.18
5.    Steve Blows 30.43
6.    Chris Gosling 31.44 69” fixed gear
7.    Leon Bradford 32.22
8.    Adrian Taverna 32.24
9.    Adrian Lewis 33.59
10.    David Lindsay 34.01

Stokes fires up!

A westerly wind had brought rain to the course at Abbotsley this week early evening but this had cleared by the time racing had begun. The wind dropped as the event kicked off not giving the riders the assistance along the back of the course that many had hoped for especially after good reports from Adrian Taverna who had ridden the course prior to racing.

Kevin Stokes took a break from riding with his tandem partner on the course in this weeks time trial to secure a solo victory ahead of St Neots own Richard Ostler who had a week off from his road racing commitments.

Another good time was posted by Adrian Taverna who continues to improve through the season. Leon Bradford had to settle for fourth spot after Dominic “The Badger” Whitehead took an excursion into a hedge row after puncturing with about 2 miles left to go and therefore is this weeks “Lantern Rouge”.
The course itself is very quiet with almost no traffic and is very lumpy in its profile and although not the fastest course it is a good place to test your true fitness. This makes the course relative safe and anyone is welcome to come along as the events are “Come and Try” events with no cost involved just to get a taste of what it is all about.

This Thursdays time trial takes place at the Croxton junction about a mile to the east of Abbotsley village. If unsure about racing you would be more than welcome to come along even out of curiosity. Sign on at 7:00pm with Racing starting at 7:15pm. Please note this is an earlier start time from previous weeks due to the shorter evenings.

These events form part of the handicap series with a shield awarded at the end of the season to the rider who shows the most consistent improvement.

The Abbotsley 11.2 Sporting Course
1.    Kevin Stokes 28.32
2.    Richard Ostler 29.29
3.    Adrian Taverna 32.04
4.    Leon Bradford 32.57
5.    Dominic Whitehead 36.46

Lomas makes light work!

Justin Lomas’s form continues to improve over recent weeks as he won the St Neots Time Trial capitalising fully on the better weather. Steve Halsall rode a great ride making light work of the hill at Gamlingay to the cheers of spectators on the hill with Karl Hiner taking the third spot this week.
Continental rider Geoff Smith returned to take fourth. Many riders improved this week taking about a minute off their times for the course.

The Abbotsley 11.2 Sporting Course
1.    Justin Lomas 26.37
2.    Steve Halsall 27.22
3.    Karl Hiner 28.10
4.    Geoff Smith 29.26
5.    Dominic Whitehead 30.08
6.    David Smith 30.43
7.    Adrian Taverna 31.17
8.    Leon Bradford 32.29
9.    Jason Gadd 32.39

Steve Blows turns the tables….as well as the pedals!

St Neots CC rider Steve Blows turned the tables on Dominic Whitehead from the “29th Wheelers” posting nearly the same time as the previous weeks time trial in much less favourable conditions.

Leon Bradford, St Neots Mr Consistent produced another good performance pedalling well to secure third spot and proving too good for Alistair Henderson.
Jason Gadd was this weeks Lantern rouge.

The Abbotsley 11.2 Sporting Course
1.    Steve Blows 30.35
2.    Dominic Whitehead 30.52
3.    Leon Bradford 33.04
4.    Alistair Henderson 33.24
5.    Jason Gadd 33.48

Whitehead just misses the magic time

The weekly time trial round the Abbotsley course on Thursday evening provided near perfect conditions as the wind dropped completely on a warm evening. The welcome return of Dominic Whitehead of the 29th Wheelers who was this weeks winner although failing to break the 30 minute barrier by just 2 seconds. Improving Steve Blows was second placed with a very creditable 30.11 ride with Chris Gosling in third spot with 31.14 riding a 72” fixed Gear. This weeks “Lantern Rouge” was Jason Gadd

1.    Dominic Whitehead 30.02
2.    Steve Blows          30.11
3.    Chris Gosling          31.14
4.    David Smith           31.26
5.    Alistair Henderson   32.17
6.    Leon Bradford        32.44
7.    Jason Gadd           33.22

Southerly sorts them out?

There was no respite on the Abbotsley course this week with a strong southerly wind making the run into Gamlingay especially tough, although the wind assisted section through Waresley was super quick this did nothing to offset the time lost elsewhere on the course.

The best rider was Tim Pennell on his specialist time trail machine showing good strength gained from his recent successful return to the road racing scene.
Second again was Justin Lomas followed by a “poorly” Richard Ostler still showing his class even when under the weather.

New to the series was Marcus Wale who posted a very credible time and would be sure to break the 30 minute barrier on a good night!
Leon Bradford was this weeks lantern rouge.

Guest pusher offer and assistant time keeper for this weeks event was none other than Maxine Johnson former National Champion and 10 mile time trial competition record holder ably assisting John Brydson St Neots Cycling Clubs regular time keeper.

Halsall takes a wrong turn but still puts in a good time…..

Several wrong turns for St Ives CC off road specialist Steve Halsall still enabled him to claim second spot on the latest of the Thursday night time trial series on the Abbotsley course this week finishing just behind Justin Lomas riding for St Neots CC. Lomas continues to dominate the series with strong consistent riding.
Several club riders continue to improve their seasons best with interest being switched to the club handicap series which see St Neots strong man Adrian Taverna in a commanding position with a margin of 10 points clear of his nearest rival Tim Pennell who with Richard Ostler is representing the St Neots Club in a local road racing league.

These events form part of the handicap series with a shield awarded at the end of the season to the rider who shows the most consistent improvement.

The Abbotsley 11.2 Sporting Course
1.    Justin Lomas 28.47
2.    Steve Halsall 29.15
3.    Steve Blows 30.30
4.    Chris Gosling 30.44
5.    Alistair Henderson 32.14
6.    Adrian Taverna 32.41
7.    Leon Bradford 32.02
8.    Mike Biggs 36.31

Lomas leads the way

A strong westerly wind dropped through the evening to lose it’s advantage over the second half of the course but this didn’t stop Justin Lomas beating the field by over three minutes to claim victory in the club time trial series. Steve Blows showing good from claimed second spot with Alistair Henderson moving up the field to claim third spot. Leon Bradford and Chris Gosling tied for fourth spot with Adrian Taverna as the Lantern rouge this week.

These events form part of the handicap series with a shield awarded at the end of the season to the rider who shows the most consistent improvement.

The Abbotsley 11.2 Sporting Course
1.    Justin Lomas 28.21
2.    Steve Blows 31.32
3.    Alistair Henderson 32.40
4.    Leon Bradford 33.14
5.    Chris Gosling 33.14
6.    Adrian Taverna 33.23

Simcock Shines

Fast Man Greg Simcock made light work of a strong westerly wind that made the notorious “golf course” section super hard, covering the 11.2 miles at an average speed of 25mph to finish in 26.53.

Justin Lomas rolled home in second place followed by Tim Pennell and Richard Ostler who have been competing recently in a road race series with Tim gaining a podium place.

Rising star Alistair Henderson still waiting for a “fast” night on the course held good with 32.31 on a standard road bike!

New rider Andrew Kluth put in a good performance to record a 34.31 on a very difficult night with the run to Gamlingay Cinques proving especially difficult with nowhere to hide from the wind.

Former 9 times best all rounder Ian Cammish made an appearance but just to spectate on this occasion.

The Abbotsley 11.2 Sporting Course
1. Greg Simcock 26.53
2. Justin Lomas 29.02
3. Tim Pennell 29.31
4. Richard Ostler 29.50
5. Alistair Henderson 32.31
6. Leon Bradford 33.18
7. Adrian Taverna 33.31
8. Andrew Kluth 34.31

Watts Powers to Win

In St Neots weekly time trial series a north easterly wind made for a fast first three miles with the re-gritted road having settled down from the previous week. Mick Watts from St Ives CC powered round to take the honours with Adrian Taverna leading the way home for St Neots CC.

Leon Bradford broke his self imposed target with a 20mph plus ride and was suitably delighted with the result.

New member Alistair Henderson also set a personal record for the event improving his average speed by 2 mph over the 11.2 mile course.

The Abbotsley 11.2 Sporting Course
1. Mick Watts 30.21
2. Adrian Taverna 32.19
3. Leon Bradford 32.53
4. Chris Gosling 32.59 62” fixed gear
5. Alistair Henderson 33.01
6. Mike Biggs 36.00

The Wild Wild Westerly?

It was two in a row for Tim “Time Trial” Pennell as he overcame a re-gritted road and a fantastic head wind on the first leg to the turn. At the halfway point he was 20 seconds down on Richard Ostler and Justin Lomas but scorched round the backend of the course to win by almost twenty seconds. The weather was much different to the previous week and reflected in a much smaller field as it was an evening for the brave, with no riders breaking the 30 minute barrier. A mini heatwave (the british summer) is forecast for next week so “Normal” service should be resumed.

The Abbottsley Sporting 11.2      26-5-11
Tim Pennell        30.09
Richard Ostler    30.28
Justin Lomas     30.48
Adrian Taverna  34.49
Leon Bradford    35.15
Alistair Henderson  35.25

Lomas is miles better!

The rain had eased off by the time the racing started with just a handful of riders prepared to brave the conditions which have been much cooler of late. The wind had swung round to a south easterly making the course a little slower than in previous weeks.

The field consisted of all St Neots Riders with course record holder Justin Lomas storming round the course to win in 28:58.
Evergreen Alistair Henderson continues to improve moving up the field to second position this week with 62” geared Chris Gosling taking third spot and Leon Bradford as the Lantern rouge.

Abbotsley Sporting 11.2 Course
Justin Lomas                      28:58
Alistair Henderson            33:10
Chris Gosling                      33.26
Leon Bradford                   33.35   

Pennell Powers to VIctory!

Tim Pennell rode to an impressive victory in the latest event in the Abbotsley time trial series, recording a new personal record for the tough TT course in a time of 28.35 beating his big rival from last season Richard Ostler in to second place by 5 seconds. Justin Lomas was third placed with Adrian Taverna and Steve Blows continuing to improve through the season.

On a warm and still evening the event saw a full field which included a tandem being ridden by the formidable duo of Stokes and Perry who stormed round at an average speed in excess of 27mph!

St Neots rider Leon Bradford also improved but was somewhat dismayed to be outside of his own personal target of 33 minutes by just a second!

The Abbotsley 11.2 Sporting Course
1. Tim Pennell 28.35 1. K Stokes / G Perry 24.40 (Tandem)
2.    Richard Ostler 28.40
3. Justin Lomas 28.41
4. Ian Stokes 28.46
5. Karl Hiner 29.15
6. Steve Blows 31.43
7. Jon Pang 32.05
8. Adrian Taverna 32.07
9. Chris Gosling 32.29 (62” Fixed Wheel)
10. Leon Bradford 33.01
11. Andy Oxborough 33.36
12. Arron Bird 33.58
13. Stewart Horn 34.37
14. Mike Biggs 35.20

TT Results 12-05-11

Andrew Kinglake continues to dominate the racing so far this season with another win on the tough Abbotsley circuit. A strong north westerly made for a tough outward leg, the course remained dry for the race but the cooler weather of late affecting some riders. Justin Lomas was second again with Tim Pennell and Chris Gosling Tying for third spot. Adrian Taverna continues to improve with Leon Bradford as the Lantern rouge.

The Abbotsley 11.2 Sporting Course
1. Andrew Kinglake 28.17
2. Justin Lomas 28.44
3. Tim Pennell 30.50
3. Chris Gosling 30.50
5. Adrian Taverna 32.01
6. Leon Bradford 34.05


A warm but breezy easterly wind helped the riders on their way with Richard Ostler continuing to improve taking the honours for this evenings outing. Justin Lomas was second again despite a hard push for the line. The warm weather suited many riders who improved over the previous week with Chris Gosling and Adrian Taverna improving by over a minute each.

Two new members and new to time trialling tested themselves against the course, both Alistair Henderson and Mark Colmer posting very credible times. The efforts of the evening had taken their toll though…with riders having to make an emergency stop at a well known feeding station in Offord. Good job they serve energy gels in pints.

The Abbotsley 11.2 Sporting Course
1. Richard Ostler 28.53
2. Justin Lomas 29.05
3. Dom Whitehead 31.00
4. Chris Gosling 31.21
5. Steve Blows 32.01
6. Adrian Taverna 32.23
7. Alistair Henderson 33.29
8. Mark Colmar 33.49
9. Rob Olding DNF Puncture
10. Jason Dixon DNF

The Big Day

Although not like the heatwave of the previous fortnight a cold evening requiring several layers! Strong north easterly winds suited the Abbotsley course as the opening time trial posted good times not to take away from the ever strong Andrew Kinglake who posted the winning time of 27:50 with second place being taken by Justin Lomas riding a conventional machine and showing some of his old form and just 19 seconds adrift. The old “60 second” battle between Richard Ostler and Tim Pennell has been closed down to 16 seconds as Tim switched to a time trial machine. Adrian Taverna improved by 3 minutes for the course over last season showing the benefit of the winter club runs.

Although the season opener it looks as if there will some super fast times rolling in this season.

It was noted that one club stalwart arrived fashionably late in a vain attempt to secure an “0” number!

The Abbotsley 11.2 Sporting Course
Andrew Kinglake 27.50
Justin Lomas 28.09
Richard Ostler 29.13
Tim Pennell 29.29
Dom Whitehead 31.37
Chris Gosling 32.30
Rob Olding 32.43
Adrian Taverna 33.02
Leon Bradford 34.03
Jason Dixon 35.20
Stuart Horn 37.06