Ashman Trophy – 2012 – Sunday 8th July 2012

This Sunday sees the St Neots CC Club 22 Handicap TT. For club members, the Ashman Trophy is up for grabs, so you could go away with the first club silverware of the season.

The Ashman is contested over two laps of the 11.2 mile Abbotsley circuit starting at 2pm (sign on 1.45pm). Meet at the T-Junction to Croxton on the B1046 1/4mile east of Abbotsley.

Non-members pay £3 entry on the line, and members pay £1.

Unless you put up a Personal Best at the TT this Thursday (5th July) the Handicap Times below will be applied to your actual time.

The Ashman Trophy has been contested in the Club since 1938.  Our two timekeepers Brian and John won in 1982, 1996 and 1992. Of the current racing membership, Richard Ostler, Adrian Lewis, Chris Gosling, Leon Bradford and Justin Lomas have all won the trophy.  

The Sunday club run will be held as usual for those not riding the Ashman or man enough to ride a club run in the morning and the Ashman in the afternoon.  Meet at 8.30 on the Market Square on Sunday 8th July.

ASHMAN TROPHY    Handicap Times
Ruth Stapleton    24.58
Rob Black        24.36
Leon Bradford     20.15
Stuart Horn     19.40
Jane Stapleton    19.34
Jason Dixon    19.04
Adrian Lewis    18.48
Mark Colmer     16.45
Jason Gadd     16.03
Chris Preston     15.39
Steve Muchmore    15.30
Ashley Cooper    15.20
Steve Pleasance    15.09
Richard Wales    14.48
Adrian Lancaster     14.40
Alistair Henderson    14.24
Adrian Bloxham    13.36
Jonathan Pang    12.55
David Smith     12.41
Steve Rodley     12.25
Steve Blows    12.15
David Lindsay     10.55
Chris Gosling     10.51
Adrian Taverna    10.42
Wayne Tunnah    9.58
Tim Pennell    7.59
Tom Stead     7.47
Andy Kinglake     6.10
Richard Ostler     5.58
Justin Lomas    3.14
Richard Hancock    0.46