On a night for only the brave, and some would say the foolhardy, 10 dedicated members of the Club were in attendance at the 3rd TT of the season. The wind was fierce and at 7pm we had hailstones to add to the already almost sub zero temperature. The wind was blowing bikes over if they were left upright against the time keeper's car and one rider was regretting the short sleeve jersey choice as he stood shivering at the start. Apart from that it was very enjoyable evening with all the riders returning with tales of their experience in the wind and glad that they had done the TT. The first 3 miles were not too bad until the turn for the golf course and the next 4 miles were into the teeth of the wind and any hopes of a reasonably quick time on the night soon dissipated. After the Cinques we had for the first time some payback from the wind and the run down to the Waresley Garden Centre and to the finish  was for some at +30mph pace; however this was not enough to make up for the miles slogging into the wind. 

However one man on the night managed to defy the conditions and turn in an almost sub-30 minute performance and so chapeau! to Adrian Taverna for a superb ride given the conditions and also well done to the other nine who braved the conditions. 

TT Result

Adrian Taverna 30.42
David Lindsay 32.05
Wayne Tunnah 32.29
Gareth Smith 34.23
Jonathan Pang 34.41
Alistair Henderson 36.20
Leon  Bradford 37.30
Jon Keefe 38.58
Steve Pleasance 39.09
David  Wilson 41.31

Handicap Trophy

PB's were not under any threat this evening and there were only 10 points on offer towards the Handicap Trophy. Jon Keefe continues to lead the table. However the maximum 10 points for Ade (Handicap Trophy winner in 2011) has brought him back into contention along with David, Wayne, Jonathan and Gareth not far behind. 

Handicap Points 

Jon Keefe 41
Dan Baxter 32
Adrian Taverna 31
Gareth Smith 26
David Lindsay 25
Jonathan Pang 25
David Smith 18
Steve Rodley 17.5
Ian Turner 17
Tom Stead 16
Steve Muchmore 15
Adrian Lancaster 15
Adrian Bloxham 15
Craig Jallal 14
Ian Gerrard 14
Tim Pennell 13
Darren Preston 13
Wayne Tunnah 12
Chris Preston 11
Ashley Cooper 11
Richard Hancock 10.5
Leon  Bradford 10
Chris Ritchie 8
David Wilson 6
Alistair Henderson 5
Steve Pleasance 4
Richard Ostler 4
David  Standring 2
Jeremy  Griggs 1