23rd May Time Trial

This was the fifth Time Trial of the 2013 St Neots Cycling Club series and clearly the rain showers and cold earlier in the day had deterred a few riders. However 16 were prepared to brave the elements on this cold evening.

We have now had 55 riders take part in the 2013 series so far this year which includes 9 guests, making it just under 50% of the current club membership who have signed on for the challenging 11.2 mile sportive course. If you have not given it a try (yet) then do come along.

This evening we welcomed Stuart West making his debut and as will be seen below he turned in a 28.50 which for a first ride on this course was an excellent performance. We also welcomed a new guest, Steve Torley from Milton Keynes, who with a 26.38 produced the 4th fastest time so far this year, and the fastest time of the evening.

Fastest club member of the evening was Chris Ritchie with 27.42 and only one second separated Adrian Taverna and Stuart West in the contest for 3rd and 4th spot. We were delighted to see the Stapleton sisters back contesting the TTs and chapeau to Jane for taking part only two days before her wedding. This was not to be a night for any PB’s as the cold seemed to permeate the legs and yet given the conditions, there were some very respectable times.

Our thanks to Keith Ritchie for stepping in to help Colin with the timekeeping duties in John’s absence.

Times and Placings

1 Steve Torley 26.38
2 Chris Ritchie 27.42
3 Adrian Taverna 28.49
4 Stuart West 28.5
5 Jonathan Pang 31.35
6 Ashley Cooper 32.36
7 Gareth Smith 32.42
8 Jane Stapleton 32.59
9 David Lindsay 33.01
10 Alistair Henderson 33.31
11 Trevor Porter 33.57
12 Simon Richardson 34.55
13 Jon Keefe 34.57
14 Leon Bradford 35.1
15 Ruth Stapleton 37.37
16 Andy Holt 40.33


Handicap Trophy

Maximum points available on the night was 14 (first time riders and guests are not included for Handicap Points) and these were taken by Chris Ritchie with a handicap time of 25.08 closely followed by Mr Consistency, Jon Keefe, who took 13 points and Adrian Taverna with 12 points. These points are keeping Jon at the top of the table by 10 points, however all it takes is a night with a large field and plenty of points up for grabs to alter the table and a few riders will be back in contention.

To remain a contender you need to be close to your PB on every ride and also deliver a few PB’s to keep the points coming your way.

Jon Keefe 74
Adrian Taverna 64
Dan Baxter 54
Jonathan Pang 49
Gareth Smith 45
David Lindsay 43
Chris Ritchie 40
David Smith 32
Darren Preston 32
Simon Richardson 26
Daniel King 24
Ashley Cooper 24
Lee Radley 23
Trevor Porter 23
Steve Rodley 21.5
Steve Muchmore 18
Richard Hancock 17.5
Ian Turner 17
Tom Stead 16
Andy Holt 16
Adrian Lancaster 15
Adrian Bloxham 15
Craig Jallal 14
Ian Gerrard 14
Leon Bradford 14
Tim Pennell 13
Wayne Tunnah 12
Steve Pleasance 12
Andrew Kluth 12
Chris Preston 11
Alistair Henderson 11
Mark Colmer 9
David Wilson 6
Jane Stapleton 6
Rob Black 5
Richard Ostler 4
David Standring 2
Ruth Stapleton 2
Jeremy Griggs 1