The Ashman Handicap Trophy dates back to 1938 and with very few exceptions has been contested for the past 77 years.  It is the oldest Time Trial trophy remaining within the Club and the winner is the person with the best handicap time over 2 laps of the 11.2 mile Abbotsley TT course - 22.4 miles in total. 

The format is similar to the Club TT on a Thursday evening but with double your handicap time. That is if your current handicap is 5 minutes it will be 10 minutes for the Ashman. 

This year we are imposing a maximum handicap time of 16 minutes (2 x 8) and you must have recorded at least one time in the 2015 season on the Abbotsley course (which could be from a Thursday night TT or the SNCC Open TT in May). This is a closed event and you must be a member to enter. 

Potentially anyone meeting the above criteria could win the trophy if they can improve on their current PB either on one lap or on both laps. Remember the second lap is a flying start and there are some riders who will be quicker on lap 1 than lap 2 and vice versa. 

As with the Thursday night TT, handicap points will be on offer towards the 2015 Handicap Trophy. 

In addition to the Handicap Trophy there is a Trophy for the Fastest Time over the 2 laps so there are two opportunities to win a trophy. There are no qualifying restrictions for the Fastest Time event other than being a Club member. 

2014 Winners : 

Handicap Trophy - Simon Richardson 

Fastest Time - Adrian Taverna 

SIGN ON : 9.45am at the usual start point 

START : 10 am 

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.