Jane and Ruth at MK women's race...

I‘ll remember this one as the first road race with more than one woman from St Neots CC. Chapeau to Ruth for taking the plunge! The bits I want to forget are the wind, the rain and the truly horrible tarmac.

We had a cheery send off from the Tunnah clan and the first lap was unusually calm. The serious attacks started soon after and because the course has no real climbs or technical bits, none of the attacks stuck and we entered a long, gritty war of attrition.

It all ended in a bunch sprint with victory going to Lauren Murphy, our National Junior RR champion. Frustratingly I got dropped before the final lap and finished in a chasing group with Ruth. For me that was a dismal 15 bumpy miles in sideways rain, with Ruth (apparently quite happily) taking long turns on the front. That North Coast 500 training was useful, clearly.

Result: Jane 22nd and Ruth 24th